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  1. Mind games make life hell, man.


    Lemme tell you a little bit about my own relationship, the more you know about others, the more insight you'll have into your own.


    My first true girlfriend, whom I was crazy in love with, was my senior year of high school. I asked her to a Cowboys game, she went. I kissed her on her doorstep afterwards, and things went on from there. Typical senior romance, a little too much fun, and 7 months after graduation we have a baby girl.


    The pregnancy was hard on both of us. Our relationship was nearly dead by the time our daughter was 3 months old. I came to a crucial point in my life where I had to leave Dallas, as I felt I could barely support myself on my own, and our relationship was so far-gone that it wouldn't have mattered anyhow.


    So I was 250 miles away, for 5 years. Missing my daughter the entire time. Through a couple failed attempts to reconcile, through a court battle for my parental rights. I finally gave up. I withdrew from the battle. And I AIM'ed her. One of her friends answered the AIM, and we started chatting a bit, I told her who I was, why I messaged my ex. Her profile made me think that she was still dwelling on the past. After a few days of chatting with her friend, (my ex was fixing her computer, so they had traded), I finally got to chat with my ex. She seemed to have changed... a lot. She had matured. She was making good decisions for our daughter, and she was much more in control of her emotions.


    She came to town to finalize the court battle. I had to sign away my parental rights. We went out for coffee, she showed me pictures of her and our daughter, we chatted, and despite what had happened for the last 5 years, I respected her more and more by the hour. I signed the papers, and we went to a movie.


    I was falling back in love with her... or had I never fallen out? She felt the same, the kissing, hugging, and chatting before I returned home for the night proved that. Things were moving faster than we could comprehend, and something was pulling us together again.


    This was only 4 months ago. Since then I've visited her in Dallas, am going up again this weekend, and am moving there permanently in a few weeks. This time, it'll be better, and I will finally be the father I should have always been.


    Things you should learn from my story?


    1) No matter what has happened in the past, if 2 people want something enough, there is always a future.


    2) People grow up, and people do change.


    PS. If your girl is off dancing with someone else, and tells you to go have fun, what she means is she's having more fun with that guy in front of her than she'd have with you. Especially if she shrugs off your concerns. Forget about her, and find someone else. If she's confused, and you aren't, you'll just have a lot of pain until she figures herself out.

  2. Usually port forwarding is only necessary for server-type applications which listen on a particular port for incoming connections when the computer that application is on does not have a static and public IP address.


    To use port forwarding correctly, you need to know 2 things: The port the outside computer will be sending the request on, and the port your server application will be listening on. Usually these are the same, unless you manually change your server's configuration.


    First, you will need to set a static private IP address for your computer that will be hosting the server application. In my example, this will be Second, you will enter the port the outside computer will be initiating the connection from into the first port field. Third, enter the port your server application will be using to listen for the incoming connection into the second field. Select the protocol if necessary. It's usually TCP.


    I run a server for an application called ventrilo. It is a voice over internet application. In order for outside requests for connection to my server to get through to the appropriate computer on my internal home network, I have to set up port forwarding. Ventrilo server listens on for requests on port 3784. Because I have no other server applications running that require that port, I have no need to change the port my server listens on, therefore the incoming and private ports will be the same in the port forward. The result is this:


    3784 TO 3784 - Protocol TCP - IP Address:


    I can log on using the ventrilo client using my public IP address as the server IP address and it works perfectly. Others can log onto my server using my public IP address without ever having any other access to my computers, because the public IP address resides on the router.


    You can NOT forward incoming port requests that are required by 2 computers using the method I just described here. I am not that technically inclined but I think that sort of process would require customized NAT settings.

  3. The thing that's now making my brain melt is if that's true where does that leave other heavenly bodies?? Say Pluto was orbitting the Sun twice as fast as our Earth was' date=' doesn't that mean that Pluto will be physically younger than the Earth??

    If it's moving faster it should be aging slower, shouldn't it??

    And if that's right it should apply to every body in the universe, shouldn't it??



    I was recently thinking about this as well. And the answer seems quite logical now. Consider this:


    The sun is not the center of the universe. Nor is it stationary. The speed that pluto is moving, in relation to the earth, is not much different, considering the speed that our sun is moving in the galaxy. And the speed our galaxy is moving. Etc. Etc. I have no idea how *absolutely* fast we are moving, relative to the center of the universe, but might it be theoretically possible that something at the center of the universe, at a perfectly relativistic standstill, would be accelerated through time at a rate directly proportional to the rate at which we age, divided by the ratio of our absolute speed through the universe to the speed of light?

  4. Combine the chaos theory and the grandfather theory for some interesting effects. If everything that happens can be slightly altered by any single presence within a certain range, your very presence in the past would cause irreversible side effects ranging from negligible to catastrophic.


    Take a time out and really think about this next point. Consider the complexity of events that have lead up your existence. Not just on a scientific level, but also on a social one. You are one sperm in a million, on one day, released in one act of passion, perhaps caused by a single instance where one man fell in love with one woman through an unfathomable chance that they happened to meet and become attracted to one another. ANY chaotic change that would affect that situation would affect your presence, therefore causing an unresolvable paradox.


    You would not just be having this effect on yourself, but on every person that the chaotic variations caused by your mere presence in said past had reached.


    Another thing to consider would be negative time travel opening up access not to the past of the current universe, but a parallel which could be altered by your presence at will. You would simply cease to exist in this universe. Anything you do in the parallel would not affect this one in the slightest. Your father would probably be wondering where you are, as well. This is all, of course, relative to your perception.


    Yet another alternative would be any attempted breach of the natural flow of time being met by instant collapse of said breach due to the imminent chaotic effects of any presence from this strand of time being introduced into the other. Wondering just what is inside of a black hole? Maybe infinite time breaches instantaneously collapsing in on themselves.


    Yes, I am a newbie. No, my IQ isn't 180. This is born of my imagination. If there are obvious defects in my logic, please feel free to let me know. :)


    PS. I am not convinced that reverse time travel is possible in actuality, much less changing it.

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