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  1. You're right, "Calculate the mass of a compound with a molar mass 392 in 100cm3 of solution" makes no sense here. You already know its mass, which is what you added (0.7g). Therefore there's no calculation needed to work it out. On the other hand, with the information you have available, i.e. RMM, mass, and liquid volume- you can calculate the concentration, which you don't know, using the mass which you do know.
  2. What the US is doing now is no different to what most nations are doing today, most empires and countries have done throughout all history. Every nation is competing fiercely to be on top. If you're looking for a 'good' country, one doesn't exist.
  3. The ability to do as one pleases, without oppression in any form by another person, in the purest sense, I suppose. Due to human nature some regulation is necessary to prevent activities resulting from one individual's liberty, from infringing upon another's. Hence, I guess, as Delta and Imatfaal stated: the difference between being 'free from' and 'free to'.
  4. Mods get all the women !This was posted after the mod notice, and has therefore been moved to a new topic here on 'how to get the ladies'!
  5. When you can't be a mod, just pretend. !CharonY please stay on topic, which is 'how to become a moderator', not 'how to score with the ladies'. Please do not respond to this message!
  6. I sometimes imagine a Cold War scenario, where instead of each side trying to invent new ways to blow each other up, they're both racing to find a cure for cancer. We'd most likely be a lot closer now. Not to mention the two world wars etc.
  7. Basic rational thinking disproves all existing claims of a deity, forget science. Of which 'God' do you refer to? Those who seek knowledge, seek knowledge. Those who seek God, say 'God' did it. If science can't disprove God, you can't prove God. Therefore making assertions like that is evidence of no thought process on the matter.
  8. Though it's not possible to say God doesn't exist, it's easy to show why all the religions that exist can't be true. all the best with your treatment man.
  9. I didn't want to make a thread just for this simple question, but... does n signify an integer, and if so ,what for? Thanks in advance.
  10. Nah I definitely don't rush through life. I just try to bare in mind the fact life's short when considering things like this, it helps put things in perspective sometimes.
  11. Intelligence is most useless when it's only used to serve yourself. That's the sort of thinking that makes society a worse place for everyone.
  12. I'd rather have the freedom that comes with an intelligent/thinking mind, than the 'happiness' that comes with just not knowing. There's nothing better than knowing the truth/ being able to see the facts, having a fuller view, it's a lucky gift. Life is too short and the universe is too amazing. I'd rather have an interesting, fulfilling life with sadness, rather than a sedated form of mind that's happy. Being ignorant of the things which make an intelligent person unhappy, also comes at the cost of being ignorant of all the wonder, amazement an intelligent person experiences also; in the way we perceive and understand the universe. Ignorance isn't bliss, it's a false sense of it. It's not knowing any better. During my one and only, short time in this universe, I'd rather be concious throughout the duration and have a clear view of it. I pity those whose day to day concerns are never beyond that of superficial inconsequential meaningless nonsense, whose minds never ponder life or the universe. I'd liken an unintelligent person to a person constantly high on laughing gas or some sort of sedation; they're happy, but they don't really know what's going on and so long as they're sedated, they'll never have a clear view of their surroundings. All the intelligent people around them are the sober one's, wiping their drool. Edit: It's beyond me how 5 people have voted happy.
  13. So ironically by lying to them you'd be showing them the truth.
  14. The cross represents the piece of wood a Jew died on approximately 2000 years ago. As the story goes, an infallible Jew -who himself is God- while on the cross asked 'God the Father' (himself) 'why hath thou/I forsaken me/myself'? (cleverly contradicting the idea that he was infallible, or God.) Said Jew died/murdered himself on a wooden cross, came back to life, BUT in a different body to his original one (again cleverly confusing the reader into thinking it was probably not the same Jew who died on the cross moments earlier), then floated into the clouds back up to heaven. And the moral of the story is, God loves you.
  15. I don't want to undermine your knowledge over mine, because yours is superior to mine by miles. But wow, very poor logic there. You're clearly fighting against fear mongering hype, which I recognise, because all too often it takes authority over fact and rational thinking in the minds of most people when it comes to issues like this. But you're in the wrong, the way you're trying to go about it here. I don't see that brushing and drinking water are equal in function or effectiveness in terms of dental care. Because people don't brush regular enough, doesn't mean everyone should therefore be subjected to taking fluoride unavoidably through their fundamental water supply. I wholly disagree. It's evidence that a risk has yet to be known, not that one doesn't exist. I do, but to the extent that it's necessary, on top of brushing; necessary to the extent you force it on the masses, is very questionable. Both ethically, and scientifically. I consider dental fluorosis a form of harm, and don't consider the small benefits to a small proportion of the population adequate justification for mass-medication. I agree with the EU on this one. Yet you know in the context from which you quoted me, I meant the putative 'additional benefits' over just using brushing/flossing/other existing dental products which are used voluntarily by people, as opposed to unavoidably pushed upon people. Not that I don't recognise the tooth decay preventing properties of fluoridated water intake. Is there really any need to be facetious?
  16. Because I don't recognise the benefits of fluoridating water, doesn't only possibly imply a conspiracy. It implies in this case that I don't recognise the reasons given by those who are for it as adequate. Hence, my main grounds for disapproval. The US didn't go about it in a democratic manner, nor do some European countries in their efforts to fluoridate table salt. There can be no democratic means by which a government can mass-medicate its population, unless everyone agrees. It should always be optional, never made unavoidable. http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/databriefs/db53.pdf 40.7% of adolescents had dental fluorosis in 1999-2004 USA. Skeletal fluorosis is also well documented (though not with the amount added to water supplies by governments, such as USA. It is caused by fluoride intake). Also, just because the risk is small, or because a consequential risk hasn't currently been recognised as having occurred due to deliberate fluoridating of water, doesn't mean a risk isn't there. That's especially important to consider when the benefit of an action such as water fluoridating isn't all that necessary for the masses who are being medicated, and can be avoided without there being substantial or any real consequences. Hence, the risk is unnecessary, as well as being unjustified ethically. Alright fine. I can concede that. I said that because I found it 'bizarre' that the reason given for the move is to raise the dental health of the population, by reaching those poorer areas. How many people can't afford toothpaste, how about a raised awareness scheme through education and advertising? Why the jump to this costly, 'let's fluoridate everybody's water scheme!'? I don't see that rationale as being equivalent to the unscientific conspiracy theory class as John categorised it.
  17. ... simply stating that fluoridation of water is an 'unnecessary risk' is a conspiracy?
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