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  1. Took me 16 minutes and half a page to work it out.
  2. Well it kind of does but again your blood was designed to be able to accept any other blood type out there so even though you have viral disadvantages you have a greater chance of living in the end at least in the Western world, think about it if you had a stroke which normally leads to a heart attack you will need a blood transfusion if you ended up in surgery for you they could grab any bag of blood and start filling you up, unlike a persons with a type O who well can only get from other O blood types. I would like to view this research and if they just Tested AB or if they tested All type
  3. So it's kind of like an Ion? So if the Higgs Boson would be anion where the Anti Higgs Boson would be a cation in the sense of electrons to protons but in this case it would be photons. I get the concept of how it works it makes sense it would be like putting two photons next to each other and when they hit the destroy each other. Example (Massive Mass Increase): A missile shooting another missile; I hope I am on the right track with what everyone was saying.
  4. Cyph3r

    Higgs Boson

    I actually agree The Higgs Boson actually would make testing for String theory much easier and maybe even produce results which could put string theory even further since mass is stringy after all (jk until evidence proves otherwise).
  5. When it comes to extracurricular activities, they look for the rounded student, example you could be apart of an AV group or robotics group but so many other students as well; playing sports, doing tons of extra volunteer hours, being apart of a social group, and joining government groups all help play a vital roll, they would see your smart and your willing to go above what is needed. Everything helps you out, more you have under your belt the more you will stand out. Great things to join is Track and Field, Cross Country, Student Government, International Studies, Honor Societies, Soccer
  6. Hello, I am Cyph3r, I am new here and I hope this would be a great place to have great intellectual debates or conversations. I also believe I can learn a great deal from this site and how others view theories, research work, and just anything in general. Well a little about myself; I am 22, years of age and I have always loved science from Astrology to Zoology, I am pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Veterinary Medical Science and want to focus my work on Virology and Pathology. I also love physics both experimental, theoretical, and quantum. Hobbies are hiking, mountain biking, surfing, pai
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