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  1. Dan, remember that the yanks were settled first. They've had 200 years of extra practice in breeding idiots. Although Barnaby does give them a run for their money.

  2. Hi mate. Nice to see another Aussie on the forums.

  3. I haven't watched all of them yet. Aside from the change in jobs, part of what was removed recently was found to be cancerous. 13 years it had been in my throat and I had looked at it every day.


    I feel like someone who has just been told that his house was built over UXO. So we've been a bit messed up lately.


    I can't imagine anything more boring than studying accounting online. lol. Why accounting? Is there a particular purpose that you have in mind?

  4. "These are the voyages of Babylon 5" ? I like it!


    Welcome Ruby, to SFN.

  5. Mate, we've had people come in and push the same tired old arguments before. Every single one has been shot down in flames. The reasons for there being no stars, or two shadows in photos, we've explained it all before.


    Don't take offense that we haven't watched your vid, we don't need to as we've all seen similar ones before. I personally have seen at least 12 vids or programmes on the "Moon Hoax". It's the same thing over and over again.


    Apollo did go to the moon.

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