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  1. Anyone interested in beta reading some short stories?

    I've a number of sci-fi stories that could benefit from a good critique from a scientifically literate audience. I'll be looking to get them published in various places - Nature Futures would be the dream.

    If you're interested or have any questions ask here or PM me.

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    2. MigL


      Could any of the shorter ones be uploaded to the blog section ?
      We could all comment, then.

    3. Prometheus


      Good idea but i just checked and the blog section is visible to search engines and so anything i put up there would be classed as published by potential publishers - writing forums get around this by having their critique sections invisible to search engines.

      I could put up a story i don't plan on publishing but then i neither need feedback nor is it an example of my best work.

      The stories range from 800 - 5000 words, and i only need feedback on some of the sci-fi ones so there won't be many.

    4. joigus


      I have more time on my hands now, and I'd be glad to help. What's your idea for sharing these samples of your work?

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