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  1. Anyone here watched Grave of Fireflies? Just watched it for the second time: forgot just how brilliant and completely devastating that film is. Studio Ghibli is several orders of magnitude better than Disney.

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    2. CharonY


      For small children I would definitely be careful with (off the top of my head) the above mentioned Grave of the Fireflies (maybe ages 10-12+), Princess Mononoke (gore and violence), maybe Nausicaa (bit of violence), Castle in the sky (ditto). And there are many movies that are certainly boring for small kids, such as Only Yesterday or From Up On Poppy Hill which are clearly not made for children as an audience in mind. It is clearly up to debate but they are clearly not sanitized as Disney mo...

    3. Prometheus


      I guess it's the unsanitised that i like. I let kids watch far more violent things than princess mononoke, but maybe i'm just an irresponsible uncle.

    4. imatfaal


      irresponsible uncle is a tautology! I remember buying a DVD for a niece with a very wrong conception of the film. And having to phone my brother and ask him to go and confiscate the DVD before niece watched it. The problem with Ghibli is that it is so well done - sadness, loss, and tragedy are not transitory story-lines like they would be in Disney; they are real and affecting

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