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    Richmond, VA
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    Math, Science, Programming, Model Railroading
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    MSci(ISM) Univ of Phoenix, BSci(ISM) Wm. Penn University
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    Physics, Astronomy, Cosmology, Evolution
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    Gregarious Misanthrope
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    Application Systems Engineer (fancy title for Java Developer)

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  1. Ankle's better, house is clean, family is reasonably healthy, work is going well. It's a damned good day.

    1. Greg H.

      Greg H.

      And if it continues to be this nice through the weekend, it might be a good time to go to the lake. Mwa ha ha.

    2. Joatmon


      Wife happy, dodged the rain, cut the lawn, table laid, dinner soon. Only bad point lost a few dollars playing poker - lol!

      Glad all going well for you.

    3. Greg H.

      Greg H.

      At least it was only a few dollars!

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