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  1. Surgery time. Going in tomorrow to (finally!) have this abscess taken out of my upper jaw.

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    2. Greg H.

      Greg H.

      The surgery itself wasn't bad. The healing it a bit painful. The stitches keep getting caught on things and pulling. I've managed to hit myself in the mouth with my own hand twice since then, to generally hilarious results.

    3. Greg H.

      Greg H.

      Also turns out it was not an abscess, it was a cyst. I was unaware those could form inside bony masses, but apparently calcium structures do not deter your body from forming them.

    4. Joatmon


      Sounds as if you are having a rougher time than expected and glad you are able to see the funny side. Your stitches should be coming out soon and then I hope all will be well for you.

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