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  1. A rather sudden exit, over 4 months ago, of a longterm and active member, without any valedictory post - are you okay, Studiot?  I hope you are exploring realms of gold, wherever you are.

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    2. joigus


      I was wondering the same thing. Apparently he last logged in on March the 15th.

      Let me add my voice to this. Are you ok, Studiot?

    3. dimreepr


      A valuable member of our little club, his absence is sorely missed.

    4. MSC


      @TheVatand @joigusdo either of you know Studiots rl name? Even a first name. Hate to be doing this but he's a retiree so I'm checking the obits but so few of them mention anyone's past occupation. :( hoping I don't find him there tbh.

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