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  1. I don't completely buy into the divine intervention argument. It could be just a physical process that we don't yet understand.
  2. Religion is dangerous in my opinion because it is prevents scientific and technological progress. Religion manipulates people into believing in something which has no evidence for its existence. As the saying goes: "Extraordinary claims required extraordinary evidence". And the same can be said for God or any other deity for that matter. In my opinion they simply don't exist. If people were not so obsessed with religion for such a long time during human history then our technology, science and economy in general could be much more advanced by now. Religion is really holding humanity back in my opinion and that's because religion is giving people false hope and actually makes people believe in something which isn't true and very probably isn't physical. It's no wonder that the countries that have the most religious population are also the poorest countries in the world. And that's because religion makes people believe that a deity will make miracles for them and actually change the world for them for the better while in reality deities will not create a better world for us because deities do not actually exist. When it comes to making a better and happier world I only have faith in people and not in any deities because only people can make the world better and no God or deity is going to do this for us. See are all religions false? http://www.thekeyboard.org.uk/Are all religions false.htm
  3. In the Universe of Star Wars they say that anger, fear and aggression is the dark side. But then again Star Wars is just a movie and does not apply to the world that we live in. I was also thinking about sexual jealousy or about jealousy in general. Jealousy is a negative emotion caused when someone else is in possession of something that you don't have.
  4. Scientists often assume that dimensions or direction or time are are a physical thing. But if I had to guess I would say that dimensions are just a mathematical construct that we humans invented in order to measure things and the same can be said for direction or for time. In my opinion things like dimensions or direction or time or even point particles have no physical existence.
  5. There is no evidence to support intelligent design. Absolutely nada. The way I see it there is no creator or designer that actually cares about humans, otherwise this world will not be so cruel and hard for many people every day. If there was a God or an intelligent designer then people would not get cancer or diabetes or Parkinson's disease or multiple scelerosis. The fact that good people are suffering on this planet and many of them even dying every day to me kinda proves that there is no God or an intelligent designer.
  6. Most of your posts are also nonsense most of the time because I realize you really post a lot of nonscientific bullshit.
  7. It's impossible to reconcile science and religion because religion is bullshit while science is not. Any moderately intelligent person can see that religion is total bullshit.
  8. If there is a God then why doesn't he help people who are homeless, very sick and struggling to survive on this planet? Many people are struggling on this planet and if there was a God who loves us very much and is also very capable then he surely will not let people suffer, struggle and die like that. Many people are dying every day from various illnesses so where is God? Another question is: Why would a God who loves each of us very much and who is also very powerful condemn some of us to eternal torture in Hell? Hell, both on earth and in the afterlife should not exist at all if God was really very loving and very merciful https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Problem_of_Hell If religion has any merit then it surely should be able to provide answers to these existential questions.
  9. General relativity, quantum mechanics and quantum field theory are so hard that I admit that I'm just not smart enough to learn all of the complicated mathematics by myself. Those of us who become successful theoretical/mathematical physicists must be very intelligent people with a very good brain. Access to good books is another obstacle in becoming good at physics. Physics textbooks can be very expensive and right now I simply don't have the money to afford them.
  10. I think that I will probably end up like Eliot Rodger, an old, depressed and suicidal virgin. I tend to agree with Eliot Rodger that our society is toxic to many men who can't relate to women. And by the way like in Elliot Rodger I was also severely bullied in high school for looking and behaving different than the other kids. Like Rodger, I also feel that there is a stigma against men who virgins past a certain age. https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2014/05/elliot-rodger-and-poisonous-ideals-of-masculinity/371588/
  11. I'm becoming 80 and never had a girlfriend, let alone a single date. I think that I couldn't get a girlfriend even if I wanted to.
  12. I can't stop obsessing over the fact that I can't get a girlfriend (or sex) because I'm ugly. I also tried to commit suicide over the fact that I'm still a virgin and can't get any form of intimacy or affection from women. I mean what is the point of living if you will never get any form of touch or affection from a beautiful girl or from a beautiful women? My point is I feel very very unhappy (and feel very very lonely) and I'm considering ending my life.
  13. If string theory/superstring theory/M-theory or any of those variants is correct then our universe could be part of a much much larger multi-verse. In fact our universe could be a grain of sand in something much much bigger. The problem is that we don't yet have a theory of everything (we don't even have a theory of quantum gravity) so from the perspective of physics we can't yet really know if universe is finite or infinite. I believe the universe is really infinite in extent but because of the laws of special relativity we will never be able to travel to another galaxy.
  14. In some other online community, several posters attacked and insulted me for me being a social Darwinist. However social Darwinism makes perfect sense to me now. I think that it's a dog eat dog world out there after all. My point is that competition is human nature. Humans compete for many sort of things: We compete for scarce resources, we compete for money, we compete for food and men compete with each other for access to beautiful women and also access to wealth and political power. Social Darwinism and human competition is just nature in my opinion. It's who we are physically speaking and nothing will ever be able to change that reality. I think that the human brain is just hardwired for competition and Capitalism.
  15. Lets face it. Humans are just too stupid to figure everything out. We can't even figure out on how life on Earth began or why some people feel pain way differently than others? We don't even know what pain really is and how it is related to life and consciousness. We don't even know what consciousness is and how it related to life and biology.
  16. God must be a big hypocrite if he exists. Many people, including me, don't want to live in this world anymore so how can God punish us for just being born into this planet without our consent and then punish us for what we become? Just think about it: If God was really Omni-powerful and Omni-loving then why would he condemn humans into eternal suffering and eternal pain in Hell?
  17. How can people still believe in God when there is so much cruelty and misery on this planet in every single day? Some people are seriously suffering on this planet whether it's from illnesses, injury, being heartbroken from never finding love, loneliness, financial troubles or from bullying etc. and if there was a loving God he wouldn't let good people suffer so much with no reason. The fact that bad things happen to good people who don't deserve it to me kinda proves that there is no loving God in my opinion. I think that the sooner people figure out that there is no God and that everything is physical then the better humanity will be in the long-term future.
  18. True. There are too many things that science can't explain when it comes to humans experiences. For example: We don't even know why different people feel pain differently for example or how life on Earth got started. We don't even know how the brain produces consciousness and pain or what pain really is and why some people feel pain differently than others.
  19. I didn't say you did. It's just that many people on the Internet and also in real life have abused me in the past so sometimes I just feel like I could just leave this planet and go to live in a better place where people are nicer and won't abuse me or neglect me. While I'm not trying to play the victim I just wish there was a better place out there (somewhere) where people are nicer and not abusive, selfish and neglectful. Lets face it. Many people on the Internet are abusive and selfish. In some Internet forum some guy offended me and told me that I am too ugly to get sex and intimacy from beautiful girls. And this is not the first time that someone offends me and calls me ugly on the Internet or in real life too. So many times I just wish that I could leave this planet and find a better and nicer place to live in, a place where there is no pain, suffering, sadness or misery.
  20. Many times I feel that the faster humanity gets wiped out from this planet the better. Humans are the biggest psychos this planet has ever seen. We abuse animals and we also abuse and kill each other. So the faster we disappear the better.
  21. This planet is mostly garbage in my opinion and I agree with George Carlin that religion is mostly bullshit. http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Essay:Why_religion_is_bullshit
  22. What are some scientific alternatives to the theory of evolution? Also, could the theory of evolution be proven wrong one day? I'm not talking about creationism or intelligent design because these theories are not scientific and also they don't make any useful predictions.
  23. Religion is already obsolete in my opinion because there is no scientific evidence that any religion has any basis in reality. In my opinion the way religious people are thinking can be dangerous because they always want to harmonize and even justify the existence of so much evil and suffering on this planet with the existence of a loving and omnipotent God and this is in my opinion is dangerous thinking. Also when you think like that you do that at the cost of nullifying all morality because every action that God does can somehow be justified, even if that action is morally wrong in the human sense, like child or animal sacrifice for example. Irrational thinking like this can turn out to be dangerous and even deadly because if God allows pain, disease and natural disasters to exist then he cannot be all-powerful and also loving and good in the human sense of these words. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Problem_of_evil I especially liked the arguments against the existence of God made in the following Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Existence_of_God#Arguments_against_the_existence_of_God
  24. Imatfaal, the theory of evolution of life on Earth contradicts the second law of thermodynamics. So either the theory of evolution is incorrect or the second law of thermodynamics is incorrect, so which is it?
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