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  1. I have just updated my profile

  2. Scientific notation is a type of exponential notation where non-zero numbers are expressed as multiples of powers of ten... http://juanrga.com/en/knowledge/scientific-notation.html

  3. Important derived scientific quantities with special names: areic, flux, massic, moment, rate, wavelength... http://juanrga.com/en/knowledge/derived-scientific-quantities-with-special-names.html

  4. Scientific methods are the systematic procedures and techniques used for (i) the description, analysis, and synthesis of parts of the observable universe and their transformations, (ii) the recording and organization of the acquired accumulative knowledge into testable formalisms and methods, and (iii) the dissemination of this knowledge. These methods have resulted in the technological leaps made by advanced societies. http://juanrga.com/en/knowledge/scientific-methods.html

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    2. Ben Banana

      Ben Banana

      "Last articles


      This is a chronological ordering of the last articles.



    3. Ben Banana

      Ben Banana

      I found an *invisible* Twitter widget. Realized I had to add juanrga.com to my whitelist... Why are you using a Twitter widget?

    4. juanrga


      Thank you very much for informing me about the problem. Some few people is complaining about the same in Twitters developers forum. It seems a change in the API made in last weeks. Thanks again

  5. Fundamental science is the part of the science devoted to the development and testing of the basic formalisms and methods that... http://juanrga.com/en/knowledge/fundamental-science.html

  6. Descriptive science deals with the study of the properties and structure of systems... http://juanrga.com/en/knowledge/descriptive-science.html

  7. Analysis of science: Analysis is the process of breaking a whole down into components. In analysis of science... http://juanrga.com/en/knowledge/analysis-of-science.html

  8. Science: Science is the enterprise dealing with (i) the description, analysis, and synthesis of... http://t.co/kB2hbAA0

  9. Updated profile, photo, avatar, signature...

  10. My Essay "Eight Assumptions of Modern Physics Which Are Not Fundamental" selected among the 36 finalists in the FQXi Essay Contest http://fqxi.org/community/forum/category/31418?sort=community

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    2. juanrga


      Thank you. You can ask me any doubt. Currently working in the matrix version of the Liouvillian phase space QM.

    3. Phi for All

      Phi for All

      Congratulations, great work! I was going to write something like that, but it's my turn to do the laundry this week....

    4. juanrga


      Wow! Now I am also bit busy those days but with a redesign of juanrga site and other stuff. Thank you

  11. The honour is mine!

  12. There are several attempts to derive MOND from a first principle theory. Here is my favourite


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