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    Flagstaff AZ (Phoenix is home)
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    Reading (fantasy, suspense/thriller, sci-fi, starwars and sci-non-fi), camping/hiking/kayaking, swimming, soccer, rampant nymphomaniacal fornication, the sacrificial immolation of infants to the demon-god Moloch, and plotting the demise of 90+% of the human population in my bid for absolute rule as Empress of civilization. Also like to cook.
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    Bachelors of Zoology
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    Zoology & evobio, plus others
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    Slightly sociopathic, somewhat ocd, occasionally hypnagogic, and nymphomaniacal with a penchant for rationalistic empiricism, pragmatically utilitarian moral relativism & speculatively Ignostic Critical Atheism
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    Current coffee-jockey and fulltime student, former pigeon-butcher and wildlife rehabilitator (maybe hopefully an opening at a zoo soon!)


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  1. I have discovered Christian Talk Radio.

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    2. AzurePhoenix


      The frustration is epic.

    3. Cap'n Refsmmat

      Cap'n Refsmmat

      At least you haven't discovered Christian conspiracy theory talk radio. Fortunately it's only on shortwave...

    4. blike


      If you want to put a hole in your monitor, listen to Bob Enyart Live's "REAL Science Friday". http://kgov.com/


      I actually got so angry a few years ago I called in.

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