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  1. I have discovered Christian Talk Radio.

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    2. blike


      From this friday: "Bob and Fred also review Ann Gibbon's 6,000-year age for Mitochondrial Eve, the mother from whom all human beings have descended, bringing that saga up-to-date. "

    3. AzurePhoenix


      Oh god. (that'd be in the non-orgasmic but still flippantly commandment-breaking context)

    4. ydoaPs


      Alex, I'm pretty sure Glenn Beck's program counts as Christian conspiracy theory talk radio.

  2. Living here is eating up all of my internet-time!

    1. iNow


      Try living in Singapore. At least Arizona has snowcones. Out here, they have durian ice cream.

    2. AzurePhoenix


      I've never tried Malaysian food...

    3. iNow


      There are a few different kinds. Some is Chinese in origin, other is Malai, or more Muslim in background. Quite good. Wonderful spices, well balanced. Makes American food seem rather boring by comparison. Amazing food from all around the world is perhaps one of the best things Singapore has going for it. Cheers.

  3. I'm a Phoenician again. I want a snowcone.

  4. the emergency room is a fascinating place

    1. mooeypoo


      .... why are youin theemergencyroom?

    2. ydoaPs


      she drives her victims in....she's nice like that

    3. AzurePhoenix


      I'll tell you about it tomorrow :/

  5. Go out for rootbeer float components... get chased by skunk. Sure, why not.

  6. Sigh... I need to get out of the coffee peddling business... i miss feeding elderly gila monsters lamb-flavored baby food via syringe

    1. Moontanman


      yeah, i know what you mean, i miss my gila monster too, since he's gone I don't have a way to officially judge when I've had too much tequela...

    2. needimprovement




      I was impressed by your biography. I hope you can accept my friendship request as well.


      I live in the Philippines.


      Have a great day!

  7. The thing about committing algae genocide is that there isn't any screaming to relish...

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    2. Magnetic Space Suit

      Magnetic Space Suit

      azurephoenix your interesting


    3. Xittenn


      I hear dead algae makes for a great cosmetic NASA approved cream called La Mer that sells for several hundred dollars a small jar

    4. Cap'n Refsmmat

      Cap'n Refsmmat

      Wait, NASA-approved cosmetic cream? What kind of approval does NASA give for cosmetics besides "this isn't too flammable to go on the Shuttle"?

  8. Boredom will be the end of me. That or yogurt.

  9. I want a kakapo!

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    2. JohnB


      Couldn't interest you in a couple of dozen Sulphur Crested Cockatoos insted? Rather noisy around at the moment.

    3. AzurePhoenix


      I'm not fond of their color-scheme :/ how about a palm cock instead?

    4. JohnB


      Sorry, none of those handy. :(

  10. Hiya. I know you now.

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