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    Haverhill, MA
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    Physics/Relativity, watching TV/movies, hanging around Boston, Book stores and computer stores. Lived through Acute Leukemia and am proude of it. I enjoy helping people understand physics
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    BA Physics/Math
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    Raised on Boston's North Shore, stuxied math and physics as an undergrad and in grad school
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    Disabled Physicist

About Me

Out of High School ----> Air Force<br />Out of Airforce  ----> Electronics Technician<br />Out of tech field  ----> College - Merrimack College ://www.merrimack.edu/<br />                               Note: Major: Physics, Mathematic (two majors)<br />After college  ----> Industry<br />                          (1) Computational Physicist for Air Force<br />                          (2) Digital Signal Processing for Air Force<br />                          (3) Systems Analyst for FAA<br />                          (4) Software Quality Assurance Engineer for FAA<br />                          (5) Lab Tech at MIT for calibrating CCDs for Chandra X-ray Observatory<br />                          (6) Software Quality Assurance Engineer for Polaroid<br />                ----> Graduate School - Northeastern University, Boston<br />                ----> Layed off and took GR at MIT. At this time I met Edwin F. Taylor <br />                         who was writing a text called Exploring Relativity. Got Leukemia in <br />                         2000 and had to stop working - On disability. I spent from that time until<br />                         now studying certain things in relativity and relativistic electodynamics <br />                         I found interesting. Since I became disabled in 2000 I've been forced to<br />                         work on my own. I decide to work in relativity since I had mastered a lot<br />                         of the material. I've mastered the material to the level of someone who<br />                         did his Masters Thesis in relativity, focusing in things like the concept of mass.<br /><br />I dug into the subject since all my time was spent doing this so I came up with a truck load of ideas and learned material. So I'm no slouch in physics by any stretch of the imagination.

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