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  1. does anyone have detailed information about Metallocene, a catalyst involved in the manufacture of plastics.


    also...if anyone could list some types of polymerization inhibitors for acrylate monomers that would be greatly appreciated

  2. for my independant chemistry class i have to give a presentation relating to reaction rates and factors affecting them. We got a list of possible topics and i chose:

    "research various types of commercial manufacturing and the use of catalysts and/or inhibitors in the formation of products and in the treatment of by-products"


    so does anyone know of any particularly interesting manufacturing reactions with catalysts or inhibitors? thanks.

  3. another way to boost "brain power" is to take mild stimulants like caffeine. Stimulants can increase learning, and memory, because they increase brain activity. However, when recalling this learning, it is best to be in the same state as when it was learned. this is called State-dependant learning. Also, taking a stronger stimulant like cocaine, will "overstimulate" and hinder learning processes.

  4. Four suspects of a crime made the following statements to the police:

    Andy: Carl did it. Bob: I did it. Carl: Dave did it. Dave: Carl lied when he said i did it.


    1.) given that one of them "did it" and that exactly one of them told the truth, who did it?

    2.) given that one of them "did it" and that exactly one of the statements was false, who did it?

    3.) If exactly two answers were true, who could have done it?

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