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  1. It is one of my passions and dreams that a modern society has enough Science education, numeracy and literacy to be able to comment on, and vote on, serious scientific issues. However, in my opinion, we need to update the Science curriculum for the people that lead us so that they are able to make rational and sensible decisions on the new changes and discoveries in science which are taking place at a blinding pace. In short, do we need to send our politicians and legislators back to school to learn new Science?
  2. A quick search using a reputable search engine would have suited you better. But try this: http://gulpmatrix.com/6-characteristic-features-anemophilous-flowers/
  3. I am slowly getting into prog rock as well as reggae and dub now. I haven't given up on metal yet.

    1. StringJunky


      You're getting mellow in your old age. :)

    2. StringJunky


      Do you like Fifth of Fifth by Genesis -great prog rock track

    3. jimmydasaint


      I have never heard that song. Will look it up and yes I am getting very mellow and fearful in middle age

  4. I concur with Rasher Null, oh that rhymed but was quite dull, nevertheless, it is the best in my experience. Sorry, listening to Monty Python has made my mood quite frivolous.
  5. This is rock at its best. It examines the dichotomy of success and celebrity status with the feeling that it is not truly deserved. Slow, but with good earphones (ask StringyJunky) this sounds awesome, I really mean awesome.... Lyrics: How long can you stand Tightening up Avoiding the fight Avoiding the truth Tighten the smile Tighten the lie Will you get what you want To be cursed with your dreams I hope for your sake Something gets in the way How long can you stand Living under the lens The kiss of success The ensuing, all consuming, mess Message of love They arrive everyday People you touch Wasting away People you don't know Give you no choice And you're sick to your stomach At the sound of your voice And the shape of your face And the sound of your name They send you pictures of yourself It's someone you don't know And they call you a genius Cause you're easier to sell But the fire in your belly That gave you the songs Is suddenly gone And you feel like a fake Is that what you want? Read more: Marillion - King Lyrics | MetroLyrics
  6. Maybe it is an anomalous dead parrot. Which, when it was alive, flew off course and had a good time in Siberia when the weather was warmer than nowadays. Was it nailed to its perch?
  7. I think there is a serious underlying issue here which merits further discussion. Can I respectfully ask the Mods to move this portion of the OP to the Lounge with the title: "What to do when being bullied?" which may appeal to the younger audience who may wish to contribute their thoughts and also give advice, Thanks
  8. http://www.fasebj.org/content/20/10/1581.full Moontanman, although I respect and admire you (although you are a bloody frustrating friend...), you got this wrong in my opinion.
  9. http://www.fasebj.org/content/20/10/1581.full As for the concepts of chi and prana energies, perhaps a rigorous scientific study will show that they are wrong. Fine! However, don't write them off because they are not well-characterised. To quote AronRa "if you can't show it you don't know it" True
  10. Until the age of about, oh...36 yrs old, I had the misconception that the sky was blue due to filtering out of other parts of the spectrum. I was totally wrong. I am sure that, even at 54, some of my misconceptions remain to be cleared up. Maybe we are all a collection of partly understood ideas and concepts.
  11. Respectfully, I disagree with you in turn, my friend. As dimreepr hinted, progress in the West prospered not to the scientific method but because of colonialism. The Berlin Conference of 1884 gathered together world leaders for one aim only - to exploit Africa for natural mineral resources and to divide the continent amicably amongst the European nations who met at the Conference. This cynical act has kept Africans poor and undeveloped to this day http://cabinda.net/Berlin_Conference.htm . Exploitation of the resources of "inferior" nations gave us the British Empire in its glory. Although we gave rights to other nations, we still exploited them. The shame of the British Empire came in the form of the slave trade which did lead to fortunes being made in America. http://teachingushistory.org/lessons/col_his_bg_notes.html. The financial profits of colonialisation led to the building of Institutions in the European countries. Although the Industrial Revolutions used the scientific method, the working classes were exploited at a level which was evil. http://www.history.com/topics/industrial-revolution. The claim that mysticism is nonsense is turned on its head by astonishing scientific evidence which has been recorded showing use of energy to heal brains. I quote from the original work for fear of misquoting the person who wrote the book: http://www.normandoidge.com/?page_id=1042. I will let you respond to these points, and I still stand by the OP, until I get some evidence on cultures which still incorporate mysticism into their daily philosophy.
  12. I am referring to philosophical domination of the West. In my opinion, Science did not enter the thought of Aristotle, Plato or more recent philosophers such as Spinoza or Kant. Reason was thought to be the medium through which factual knowledge could be reached by the human mind. My O.P. came from examining the inadequate education systems we have in the UK, where it is OK to fail 40% of the children in a school. An academically challenging and recall-based curriculum has destroyed the confidence of those children labelled as "slow" learners. The system seems to have been designed by old farts who graduated from Cambridge and Oxford and who decided that this was the best way to learn for children across the socio-economic spectrum. It is wrong! As an extension to these thoughts, I stand to be corrected in what I have opined in the OP. Our entire social system has been designed in a Eurocentric manner and our system of reasoning and what is reasonable has been derived from the same system of thought. Old white guys have designed a system for other Europeans (females slipped the net somehow). In the West, we have a system of reasoning which applauds know-how and in Medicine, the patient's body becomes a battleground between the disease and the doctor in a war of attrition. An alternative approach would be to use Eastern understandings of energy circulation (not mumbo-jumbo but insight). Energy can be applied to the brain, for example, in the form of transcranial ultrasound which can alleviate psychological disorders and "reset" the brain. http://www.quantumconsciousness.org/content/transcranial-ultrasound-0 Ultrasound is a form of energy that resets energy patterns in the brain. Scientific thought, which represents an objective truth becomes moulded to society which is simply not suitable for a scientific experiment. Basically, the role of a society is for every citizen to achieve their potential, not for a multi-racial, multi-faith society to mould itself to a racial paradigm. Moontanman, Science cannot be applied to the overall goal of a society which should be to make the citizen happy to live in a State.
  13. It seems to me that the world is run by old white European guys for other white European guys and their descendants. European philosophy dominates the philosophical world, Eastern philosophy resides in a handful of books- Tao Te Ching, Analects, Buddhist teachings, the Vedas... Where is the equality of fair play? Why are European philosophical prognostications more valuable than this of the East? Or have white men so dominated the fields of academia that white domination over thought is seen as normative behaviour in a white dominated society and socio economic system? Can this paradigm ever be shifted?
  14. Thank you for the links and the evidence. Should I start drinking red wine in the mornings between lessons and then continue in the evenings after everyone has gone to bed? Or after eating chocolates? Seriously, great links and need to be addressed. Of to the shops in the morning, bloody predictive texting...
  15. In the Mafia context, big balls need to be shown to all around. This macho bullshit is seen in ghetto areas (where I grew up as a child) where the most ruthless guys show no love except to other badmen. Badmen don't smile at babies or others except in private. It is an attitude of mind. In my context, love, compassion and forgiveness are attributes of the strong - the weak never forgive and never offer compassion. Which one will people remember?
  16. Eliszia, I also believe in a Creative Intelligence and would like to agree with you. However your OP made sweeping assumptions and you closed your mind to anyone who contradicted you. You cannot expect others to have an open mind when you seem to have closed yours to the opinions and thoughts of other people here who are rooted in the objective truths delivered by the scientific method. As you know, you can only debate when you closely listen to your opponent. I hope you reflect and then return to address the points made by others, which are equally valid to your points. Good luck man.
  17. Actually, now that I have thought about it, your teacher sounds like a complete moron. Hope he teaches you properly.
  18. Your teacher sounds like a great guy, desperately trying to answer all your Biology questions. Despite the fact that there are far more expert people here, he could try to answer by referring to stress as a source of memory loss/blank mind during tests etc... How about this site?
  19. Thanks for the advice guys. My favourite hobby is watching TV and eating crisps but I can't do that now. I need more exercise and I have to change my diet and listen to Pink Floyd. I still cannot give up chocolate though. I am a chocolate addict. Just a bar a day lifts my mood and helps me to chill out. I can give up cream cakes and eat less crisps but cannot keep my hands off the chocolate. Sorry.
  20. I have a "Best of Floyd" CD. Loved every track. Great for de-stressing. Hope you are well mate.
  21. You are right mate. But I always gave everything I did 100%. As a scientist and as teacher of science. I think I bolloxed up the parent part as a consequence. I need a few minutes "me" time. I fo like the way you slipped in a Pink Floyd lyric (is it Floyd or Genesis?) My main interest is Science. I guess it sounds corny but I still get excited over new or inspiring science. Love the puns. I do listen to zany comedy such as Ross Noble on you tube and it keeps me happy but life is complicated and hard - maybe it was never meant to be easy - and I do struggle but keep going. I like your regimented attitude. I am 5ft 4in and 75 kg. My diet is one toast and decaff coffee for breakfast. Two salad sandwiches for lunch. Pasta with chicken or rice with chicken as a main meal. One bar of chocolate and one caffeinated tea per day and one bag of crisps. This has been my daily regime for 18 years. I didn't get any rel exercise for 2 years and this messed me up. There is no excuse for not doing push-ups. I agree. You know what, I hate stirring up things. I normally have a clam and phlegmatic personality - it takes a lot to stir me up. Injustice and senseless killing of other members of our planet really piss me off though. We are here to work with Nature and not to conquer. Humans have the wrong attitude and we will pay for that as a species. Wow! That felt good. That is beautiful but you are talking to a Scotsman and when it comes to flight or fight - there is no running unfortunately. Scots people love a good argument, it's in our nature unfortunately.
  22. I had a heart attack about eight weeks ago. There was an occlusion (blockage) in one of the arteries of the heart which supplied oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscle and I crumbled. After an operation which was apparently successful, I have been told by doctors, colleagues, relatives and friends to reduce stress. However, as a Science teacher in 21st century England, life is stressful. As a parent, it is stressful. My complicated personal life is stressful. How on earth can I relieve the stress using a natural method? I have heard about breathing techniques etc... but how would logical, rational beings on the Forum cope in a natural, pill-free way to relieve stress? (I hate pills). Any advice welcomed.
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