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  1. you mainly have sea foods....thats pitty interesting! i love to have italian but i really don't have any knowledge about japnese food!There freeky language i wrote means some what this;)

    Tandoori Chicken is roasted chicken but it is roasted in tandoor instead of usual microwave,Chicken Tikka Masala ,Pakoras or

    Bhajyas,Poori,pharanta,dal chaval is pulses with rich,rogan josh are meat balls cooked in red chillies along with other spices,naan are chapaties made in a tandoor,dosa is a south indian dish made of rice powder stuffed with patatoes,iddlle are small oval shaped snacks again from south india made from rice powderand curd & samber is a food item consisting of various vegateables cooked in spices,alu means patato and ticke means balls.honey and peperoni chicken is something i need not explane!greeen chile pickel..is pickel made of green chiles

    ladoo and barfi are sweet dishes made upof milk.

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