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  1. So Mariah Carey FINALLY threw her babies out.

    1. Moontanman


      I am quite certain No one ever looked any better doing it...

    2. Leader Bee

      Leader Bee

      are babies used in this context some kind of euphemism?

  2. hi! what's up?

  3. never too late to say hello, I guess

  4. Just bought 13 books... I must control myself.

    1. Leader Bee

      Leader Bee

      I just spent £150 on DVD's - I should probably control myself too.


    2. chitrangda


      now tell me whoz book worm??huh! :P :P

  5. i'll have lunch now. goodnight =]

  6. hey girl, i'm on school's PC. ^^ what's up?

  7. I laughed! I think chitrangda is much better :]

  8. you know so many instruments and lots of advanced physics, calculus, idioms etc... Sometimes it makes me think you're a real book worm! haha

  9. ok don't worry. i have been very busy and this week will be a mess. I mean 4 exams, 1 report, 1 work and 1 seminar... I wonder if I'll have time until this weekend. Cheers, Antonio.

  10. now I am worried ; where have you been? ; i've got no time to post here... nor in any of my blogs... now, it's the end of the semester, and i need to get wonderful grades until summer vacation.

  11. I have one 11 y.o. sister (mental age: 4!). In school, this semester, I am currently having Portuguese Language III, Literature III, Math III, Biology III, Geography III, Physics III, Organic Chemistry I, Inorganic Chemistry I and Physical-Chemistry I. The classes have diferent workloads. I haven't visitted any place abroad. Outside my state, I visited Espírito Santo and inside my state, some awesome cities such as Arraial do Cabo, Penedo, Búzios, Rio das Ostras etc. Most of the places I wrote have great beaches and an awesome climate, they are also far from the capital! It would be so good if I could show you how Rio de Janeiro is beautiful (apart from the violence that affects the capital of Rio).

  12. Brazil is certainly a blessed place. No hurricanes, no tsunamis, no eathquakes, no scaring storms, no vulcanos. Sometimes, a tornardo (very rare) and some floods.


    Environment LOL I don't litter! Does it count?


    I've changed the glasses but anyway, i discovered the problem was in fumes (i'll post it after getting from school). My lab class on friday was OK. No headache and no fume. Coincidence?

  13. everything you said made my mouth full of water haha


    i've heard about hurricaine 'gustav' near cuba and jamaica. are there hurricanes or other natural disasters in India?

  14. food there sounds tasty, the only words i could get were honey, pepperoni and chicken though.


    here we have 'feijoada' (boiled beans with pork), this dish usually comes with rice, cracklings, cabbage, orange and farofa, it is extremely good!

    we also have many kinds of fishes and sea food, as shrimp... and here we eat much Italian Food too.

    and the most common food here is rice and beans together. The food here is also very spice, and it is very good, barbecues are also very common.

    Pumpking with beef-jerky;

    Chayote with Shrimp;

    Potatoes Cake;




    I love food, I like Japanese, Italian, Brazilian and McDonnalds LOL

  15. btw, i've seen your blog and the manipulation power scared me. :D

  16. I'll try meditation. I've never thought about that...

    Lab classes usually last 3hrs, but anyway, those are 3 stressful hours.


    I love to eat, but I'm not so 'foodaholic' for food as an 'alcoholic' is for alcohol.

    And you, are you foodaholic ? What are the typical dishes in India?

  17. Certanly, English and Portuguese. :P

    I can also understand a little Spanish, I don't like Spanish though.

    I'm tired, this week, I had 2 exams and 1 lab class that lasted 3 hours.

    And I'll have another big lab class on friday.

    Lab classes are interesting but they bother me for 3 reasons: headache, group and reports (specially the last one).

  18. Que legal! Você fala português também!!


    I know only two languages... but I'm going to start learning Japanese or Chinese (still in doubt).


    I am kinda antisocial, so I would be pleasant with 3-months-at-home. =p

  19. 3 months wthout school? it sounds so nice !

    you get a bit of portuguese? say something :D

  20. Alala doesn't have a meaning... it's just a sound, i can't explain.

    Alala (the song) has some little things in portuguese ("I wanna be in that crazy band or 'meu cu' " and "Alala alala 'Alguém me avisa quando é bom parar de fazer a íntima' " ) 'meu cu' means "my ass" and the other means "Someone, tell me when it's nice to stop being social".


    There is one part of 'Music is my hot hot sex' which the girl speaks in portuguese.


    Life has been pretty nice. I'm starting making a survey about religion, I'll show you when I dominate Google Docs and i made a blog (in portuguese =/ ). and there? something good?

  21. i loved the songs you sent me, specially the two last ones. i really didn't get even one word. CSS is kinda indie, they are brazilians (even if they make more success abroad), they are GREAT and crazy! Some songs I love below:



  22. we make high school and chemistry tech together and it is very hard, an exam is needed to join the school and the teachers are very strict... we have lots of lab classes and we have to make reports, seminars, exams etc. Here, once a year we have Technology Week, which offers courses and workshops... you can also present your project (if it is accepted).

    Dan Brown is great! Deception Point was my 1st and I though it awesome...

    About music (I LOVE IT), I can say I like alternative rock, indie, and other lots of styles, I like CSS (have you heard abou?? i just lov them!), Evanescence, Paramore, Green Day, the Used, etc. I've been listening to Klaxons... its pretty cool. Have you already gone abroad?

  23. mr decent xD doesnt understand how is organized education levels there... but i can say i am in the 2nd grade in highschool (it means second year. the highschool here has 3 years). and I'm also in Chemistry Technician school (it is amazing!). I don't have a deep science knowledge but the few i know makes me really fascinated. how about you? What are you interested in? Do you like music?

  24. oh yes, SFN says i'm a decent person :D and so are you, that's fine, we have greencards... btw, what do you do as a student? Highschool? College?

  25. oh yeah! laying on an university ground was an amazing experience, you should try it (all people looking at you as you're a retard is really cool). i also liked your pics, especially the one youre waiting for what seems to be a train.

    pleased to meet you.

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