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  1. yes thats true but unless the people reading are chat room regulars they likely haven't had much contact with gilded.


    Yes, I don't really have contact with people.


    But seriously though, more people should hang out in the chatroom. It's fun, informative, educational and disturbingly satisfying.

  2. I refuse to believe that there was a time in your life you didn't know a lot about science. :D


    I think everyone who has been on SFN for multiple years has gone through quite a bit of mental growth (perhaps excluding the really ancient users who got their high school diplomas around the time Atlantis sunk). For example in 2004 I was just interested in blowing stuff up and the more hazardous aspects of science in general, and now four years later I'm interested in blowing stuff up and the more hazardous aspects of science in general.

  3. It's kind of funny when you come to the realization that all those hours you sunk into world of warcraft (or your favorite MMO) are simply to increase a number on your screen. Getting that next level is like trying to score your next crack hit -- you'll do anything to get there, and when you do it's not as good as you thought it was going to be, but the next will undoubtedly be better!


    Thank you, I just decided to start playing WoW again. :D

  4. Has it been considered that negative rep might be a good idea? For posts that don't break any rules as such but include lots of factual inaccuracies or very poorly presented arguments.


    AFAIK it has been considered and in my opinion it doesn't work too well, even though the users are a bit more mentally mature than YouTube users. :D

  5. No worries, apparently he's got some great deals on male enhancement, too. :D


    I wonder if he uses Viagra. I mean he's hundreds of years old and I'm guessing Mrs. Claus might want him to engage in certain marital duties at least once in a few decades or so. Also, those elves have to come from somewhere...

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