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  1. Theists were the Greatest and only Scientists before the 18th Century. Modern Scientists have yet to fall from these great shoulders.
  2. Converging slowly. ....We have just begun. And little time in which to do it. IMHO ..... I think that natured starts in a simple form for what its worth : 1. Spherical mass and Gravitational fields and 2. Spinning Mass and Electoral / Magnetic forces (or a spinning gravitational field) ....... and then everything is built from there as energies flow into masses and vice versa; and distances are shared as the Universes expands.
  3. Have it your way, I'll stick to mine that Weapons gets the Lyon's share of fusion dollars. btw reply: Something in the Photosphere is containing the energy from core. What; ..... we don't know?? Magnetic flux, fusion the phasing jumps of Fe, Ni, Si, N ..... who knows.
  4. Science is inconclusive on the phases of Fusion and Burning. The layering we now consider as Fusion is a mix and a mesh of Fe, Si, N, and all the rest. 0 to 8 Solar Masses seem to be the unclear. I presume some of the reluctance is the secrecy of the Weapons programs.
  5. You are way off topic now. Theist or not, Science is Clarifying God's nature but hasn't fully discovered or not God yet.
  6. It isn't' a Clean calculation because many Elements in the thin mash including , .... Carbon and Sulfur with a differing half life. I have seen the Binding Energy analyses of fusion. So go ahead and give me the results of your methods using all mash combos.
  7. You are off track here. I say that there is a minute amount of Ni / iron.... in the Sun. some in the Core some in the Photosphere. So you have badgered the point enough here. I am interested in its insulating properties .... The Star Models are here in this lecture. http://www.astro.umd.edu/~miller/ASTR100/class21.pdf What can I say. You are not reading properly. bye for now. ps : where did I say this nonsence???? we already have weapons, but we don't have a reliable energy supply
  8. zorro in red: 1. We agree but I would add " a minute amount of iron is fused in the Sun" . 2. We agree that H/He are at higher temps. We fuse them in our H/He Weapons . You need to explain how fusion can occur at lower temperatures. Fusion occurs at multiple temps in the Sun. See my post #3 insert images above . why we can't replicate that in a self-sustainable way on earth. Good Question. Why. That is my Nobel Prize teaser. What are the fusion scientists doing wrong? Not listening and banking on H/He; deuterium-tritium, fusion. Their interest is Weapons and not a Electric utility. 3. The tokamak is making great strides in Magnetic confinement. Temps have been attained for a short half life have been achieved upward of 100 M degrees in the TJT-60U. Their Fusion is not sustained and thus not safe, practical or useable. 4. Agree. Not yet. ...... But since it is sustaining low temps are there it looks as though there may be a Si/Fe furnace in or near the Photosphere. It's principal interesting is confinement, insulation and stability.
  9. zorro: hello again moderato 1. Thanx, I am having crashes in your MultiQuote algorithm. 2. You must support your claim that no iron is in the Photosphere as well. At 7,000 dK (4, 000 - 10,000) the question is why can't we do it on Earth. I say let's try now and possibly surround it with a clean reactor on earth. 3. I agree and before claimed that most Solar System Iron and higher elements are from outside stars and the Big Bang. ....... Most earth elements come from our Milky Way's Black Hole. .... So what. .... ....... We are conversing the Photosphere and it's nearly iron properties and building a feasible Fusion Reactor on earth that is not H/He based fuels.
  10. Your post is off topic. ....but thanx, the Thiest (not religious) Scientists among us appreciate support in this dogma infested world.
  11. Zorro: .....Offer us your ref. that the Sun has no Iron or other higher elements that it Fused itself. Now don't go silly on us. There is no fusion on the earth's forming its materials. All but a few of Earth's materials were formed in the Solar system (Sol).
  12. Zorro: .... from the time science advertises it can take the BB back to. I control the limits of the OP discussion but all can participate. Great, see ya.
  13. Thanx, we disagree. Click on google again. There are lots of elements in the Sun.
  14. You are repeating me here so it seems that we agree that some but very little fusion could be happening here.
  15. Elements up to and including Iron are made by fusion in Sol. The higher elements were made in Super Novas, larger stars or the Big Bang and arrived here by galactic consolidations. The element Staging did not occur in Hydrogen/helium "Burning" lumps, in general they formed in staging: H, He, C, O, Ne, Mg, Si, Fe . Burning is going on in Sol but its process are in the lower elements wherein fusion energy binding are so high per bind in the lower shell of the Proton nucleus. http://abyss.uoregon.edu/~js/ast122/lectures/lec18.html On whole, Sol is in the H--He fusion status, true, but in the Photosphere, it appears that higher elements up to iron rules, and energy is being contracted. There seems to be not enough energy is available for its iron to fuse..
  16. Something like that. ....... As I read it from Sciences googlings of the BIG Bang, I speculate that they are saying that it took God 10**-64 sec to plan our Universe, then a 10**-33 blamb BB burst to create everything, then 15 billion years to create/consolidate in several stages of temperature layering cooling and element making. Down now to Dark Matter and Gamma wave propagations their reconsolidation. What does a 10**-33sec Big Bang look like. 0.000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,010 sec
  17. Star Fusion: http://www.scienceinschool.org/print/257 ; http://abyss.uoregon.edu/~js/ast122/lectures/lec18.html After Iron(AN 26) Fusion, energy is absorbed.
  18. There is a clear distinction between religion and science as there is a distinction between religion and God. Here I attempt to portray the fact that science highly values God's creation while trying to remain aloof that, as yet, no scientific machine yet has discovered the transition in God's elegance of the singularity from Nothing to Everything. Science's perplexity with this concept is that the scientific axiom is that matter and energy can neither be created or destroyed. To God however, this is easily handled by staging the creations and its rules. The Axiom is treated as a transitory until fruition within creation.
  19. Where did I go wrong Oph ?? Hydrogen and Helium are sum 90+% of the sun.
  20. I have considered your point and googled the bjebus out of it but it is entirely irrelevant here. Big Science came to the finance world with a multibillion program to settle basic theories and scientific conjectures. One was the most basic tenant was a fundamental particle. To gain stature in the theory and give it the highest sort, they named it the “God Particle” to connote a connection to creation and to sap as much monies as they could. It wasn’t named the Zorro particle, it is the GOD particle to aggrandize Science as a semi diety wherein CERN Bureaucrats is a new Pope and the machine is the Sterling Cathedral. CERN is underway thank you, and many more Scientists salaries are riding on finding God’s design even if it is only a Name. From this exchange we all benefit. Now don’t take me wrong here, seeking finances is fair game in this world. You need to admit it that Big Science long ago sought aggrandizements to put itself up into the category of royalty. ….. and as the Priest of past, they sought out God and his wonderful creations.
  21. Copernicus is at the root of science and explained the Solar system almost as it is. I am looking for a pleasant conversation that sets Sciences within the elegances of God as is Evolution. I allowed Atheists to participate also wherein God is still an open question not as yet discovered by the scientific method. After all we now have almost found the "God Particle". If it turns into a Intelligent Design rant, we can trash the thread.
  22. Science is an incomplete investigation into the truths of God's. God created Everything From Nothing and gave mankind some tools to explain a bit of it. Since Science is an explanation of God's elegant creations. The closer we get to Scientific reason, the closer we understand God's Works. So far, "The Big Bang" says it all. .... At 10**-64 sec, science establishes that God finishes all his Plans (Word) then get's on the way to creation, Everything from Nothing. Carry on Science. Copernicus looked to God (not religion) and changed how we look at science and interpretations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHUWP9zu4W8
  23. The OP is a subset of his premise. What is true is that, .... Science is an explanation of God's elegant creations. The closer we get to Scientific reason, the closer we are to God. So far, "The Big Bang" says it all. .... At 10**-64 sec, Science establishes that God finishes all his Plans (Word) then get's on the way to creation, Everything from Nothing. Carry on Science. Copernicus looked to God (Not Religion) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHUWP9zu4W8
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