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  1. Okay allow me to list out the waves for clarity: sound waves, water wave, light they are the three primal waves
  2. My answer would be Yes and No. Yes because all realities are a sort of perception. No because if we think about it all day, some species that dont think about it might defeat us!
  3. all things are attracted to gravitational pulls, the gases dont "stick", so it seems like they are not being attracted. also because we dont realy feel 'cause our lungs have atmosphere pressure on the inside
  4. pretty sure arrows can penetrate kevlar a little bit. kevlar stops bullets not because of its hardness, but because it can absorb rapid shocks, which are found upon bullet impacts arrows are far lesser energetic than bullets by the way, notice how arrows follow curves and bullets go almost straight line, also bullets are pretty round-tipped where as arrows are sharp tipped. This shows how much weaker arrows are I hope this helps
  5. Two weeks later, my ultimatum will be delivered. We'll see who wins. ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣

  6. here is my input: the question "does nothingness exist" requires existance. This is a paradox isn't it
  7. not very scientific, but excellent thinking there
  8. Black holes might just be dense stuff? Maybe there is a hidden force undiscovered that push away the passing-speed-of-light point from ever being reached
  9. gravity operate at speed of 1/1/infinity, which is precisely infinity
  10. these oort clouds came from the supernova explosion long ago
  11. I'd like to mention: Anybody who isn't have a partial mental breakdown in this country must be unsensitive to the obvious problems. I've visited many countries in South America. The people here in the supposedly rich countries have much more mental breakdown individuals.
  12. Hmm, there might be some super intelligent aliens being non-mammals. Super developed worms could be very intelligent. The tentacles would serve similar functions as hands where as claws or paws lack the flexibility.
  13. Merry Christmas, my guess is that because it's better than doing (x,y,z) with a notation presumably and also might be more suitable for radio since now in more of a linear algebra form.
  14. Yes I understand. In my view, the idea of true nothingness is comprehendable for this simple fact being true nothingness would not be comprehended.
  15. It's not yellow, it's a bit reddish on the charts. Our eyes decipher it as white if we ever look at it from space with some strong UV sun glasses. The yellow appearance is largely caused by the elimination of some blue from the blue sky. There, perfect answer above.
  16. Yeah whether it's infinite or finite is up to debate still
  17. My recommendation is to change them rather than to make a whole new word. I foresee changing them can be hard to achieve, but making a whole new word would be more difficult
  18. You cannot balance this world by continue to tax us 45% while taxing them -1% on the so called "poorest". Do your math. If you add the total cash volumn of these so called "poor". They have 19 times fold of our total income. In a society where you have allowed cash to be the operator of goods exchange, political strength, social influence, you think by letting them have this much more total income than us, you are balancing it?!?! Oh wait, you do not think. You haven't "thought" about anyth...

  19. the origin of gravity or the cause of gravity probably can never be explained. I mean, even if we attempt to explain it, the explaination often ends up being the preset justification for its existance, which is not really an explaination.
  20. static electricity is electricity lol caused from rubbing and other causes, not any different from regular electricity
  21. I learned in high school it's called electronegativity. Hydrogen has a high electronnegativity thus tends to be more an electron donor.
  22. Are you saying the low IQ people in this country are being too relaxed? That I agree.
  23. JohnStu


    I personally have attempted to kill myself 39.2 times so I could travel to a parallel universe where I shall be the president there. Unfortuantely due to my property of being indestructable, all attempts failed. My next plan is to fire high velocity protons at me in hope of destroying my plasma shield with its kinetic energy and tiny shape. Joking. Suicide is in my opinion bad, because a lot of real bad people never think about suicide. By commiting suicide, one really lets the worms win, which is usually against the purpose of commiting suicide anyways - which is to relieve pain.
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