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  1. but they are ultimately random, because the brain doesn't plan out what the dream will be like, it just happens
  2. simply, spheres are the simplest 3d shapes.
  3. dreams are random impulses of the brain during REM sleep that can help you remember and keep from waking up. Often, they reflect on the day.
  4. Where do you write? What site is it, and what do most of your stories involve? eg. Gay, BDSM, orgy...
  5. ?!? well the hypothalamus controls sexual drive, but thats all I know.
  6. My address should be deadhead@gmail.com my currernt address is deadhead123@comcast.net David Guz is my name
  7. For a full 4 months, a robin rammed into my window over and over at least 200 times a day. He even made a nest nnear the window so he could rest between hits. Woke me up very day.
  8. Is it the right kind of energy that could turn on a lightbulb? In larger amounts.
  9. This has been my username for years. My favorite game used to be DK64 and my favorite character was tiny kong. She was a girl, and I'm a boy, so I added boy. My lucky number is 21. I first used the User name on a DK64 board, and I never bothered to change it.
  10. I know that there is a small amount of electricity is in the brain, but how much? And how much can the brain withstand?
  11. I didn't like Ninja Scroll, but it is a classic nonetheless. It seems like you would like serial experiments lain. Have you seen that?
  12. Azumanga Daioh is the best. *points to avatar*
  13. tinyboy21


    I noticed that some Users have a ranking of sorts below their User Name in their posts. I'm guessing this is based on the amount of posts the user has made. What is the scale of posts needed for each rank?
  14. I may seem stupid, but why don't you go somewhere where theres a mirage, have somebody stand far away and shine a laser pointer at them. *Is sorry for sounding stupid*
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