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  1. Statistics do not exist for this, this is just my view that the news is needlessly gruesome and negative. Random cases such as the Montgomery, Elizabeth Smart, and Petersen cases are being picked up on for no real reason. I live in Detroit, and many good things happen there, but the news states otherwise.
  2. People have been watching the news for years, they aren't going to stop just because the material is changing. Also, the news has seemed to become almost a source of enterntainment in some sick way. The steriotypical vision of a typical news channel is immensely boring, and maybe with the trends of the new generation, the news is merely trying to adapt? It isn't just because of the money involved, but because of the change in the general viewer of the main news channels such as CNN and *shiver*FOX*unshiver*. Still, it does not provide a reasonable explanation towards the broadcast of such material as the Montgomery case. For those who do not know what the Montgomery case is, some lady killed a pregnant woman and cut out the fetus. The baby is somehow alive. If I were the kid, it would be pretty messed up to know how I was born.
  3. The news has become more negative and gruesome in the past few years, to the point where it seems the press has given up on everything positive. Look at the Lisa Montgomery situation, a story that no news station would have touched with a 50 foot pole a decade ago, but today the whole ordeal is explained in grotestue detial. Why does everyone(including me) all of a sudden show a sadistic side and listen to these terrible stories. Why the change?
  4. I will be some super sexy and slick. But I want to die in the flash, in a creative way. I am thin, damn ugly(but sexy), and have a jewish afro
  5. How do you find the vertex of a parabola using the calculator?
  6. No question Here's the nwc file link La Campanella by Liszt on piano
  7. I never really wondered what caused a harvest moon, its kind of cool. Btw, what is a hunters moon?
  8. is this right? and the final answer is 20/3
  9. This is an extra credit problem for my calc class, and I doubt anyone in my class will get it. Please help, as I am also clueless. Ellipse E is centered at the origin, and has a horizontal minor axis of length 4. If you rotate the portion of E which falls only in the first and second quadrants about the x-axis, the resulting rotational solid has volume 800pi/27 . Find the length of E's major axis without using a calculator.
  10. Have any of you ever seen a harvest moon? I did once, and it was amazing. Just sharing.
  11. You think its true? http://www.davesdaily.com/out.php?id=3059&url=http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_1270566.html?menu=
  12. Hey, its an anime character. Yeah, I meant "quint" as five in succession. Oh, thanks for the websites. The exams went well.
  13. I am asking you what area you are thinking of calculating the traffic.
  14. ...Are you serious... just asking
  15. Are there any quality web sites that have information on all my algebra through AP Calc needs? My skills of the web-search are obviously sub-par compared to those who roam these boards, so help would be appreciated. ~Cheers
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