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  1. basshunter is...i know abt him...but hes weird
  2. Mollusc? Wow...taking it too hard, you are just me without the arithmetic squence thats all...i was gonna make it 112358 etc
  3. Yeah, i just had a lesson on that..haha reading ahead isn't in my genes(or rather, chromosomes/DNA)
  4. Anyone play DotA? a mod in War III =D if so, pm me =D
  5. MolotovCocktail, is that your...side bar? for vista? or what? cuz i want it =P
  6. if you read the fine prints,...
  7. aurora is correct, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aurora_(astronomy)
  8. yea sorry, i just started learning this in bio class, need some info to learn more about genotypes and Mendel's experiments. EDIT: so it is possible that the parents do not have the disease, but their children will get it? like a recessive recessive?
  9. i thought that the diseases were the dominant ones?
  10. by infected i meant things like diabetic or some kind of genetic disorder such as cystic fibrosis
  11. Snail13579


    If parents are normal and have 4 children inwhich 2 are normal but 2 children are infected. What kind of genotype does the parents have, i mean how is it that normal parents have infected children "/ ?
  12. well im not sure if im just good at guessing or what, what i did took like 2 minutes: i picked the largest of the answers(40km/hr) and changed it into m/s and multiplied that by 66*66*37/2*10=99 which i thought was accidental(probably was) explanation for that plz?
  13. answers are 15km/h, 20km/h, 25 km/h, 30km/h, 40km/h, i got 40km/h, btw ur doing waaaay too much i jus changed 40km/h to m/s and multiplied and decided what i thought was right and i got 0.99 which should be multiplied by 100(error somewhere)
  14. there are a few "hard" questions i didnt understand, it would be best if i had a scanner(although i got a friend who can scan it but isnt here atm). Basically you got 66 turbines to general 99MW of electricity. Each turbine got 3 blades, ea are 37m in length. Assume that avg density of air is 1kg/m3, what is minimum wind speed required for energy to pass the blades to generate the desired power(99MW) if its 50% efficiency. it gives like 5 options but i want to know how to get the answer without just selecting C(a general choice if you dunno i guess)
  15. its jus that we have different time zones, and other countries like US who have different time zones are also writing this i believe *people from china are also writing it
  16. Its the Ontario Association of Physics Teachers. They make contests for grade 11 students taking physics 11. The contest was today somewhere between morning to noon. If anyone else has taken the contest please discuss here(i need some answers now>) btw i can post the question sheet but im not really sure if im allow or not. Just in case one of you who took OAPT today wants to share some of your answers...please help, and do so =D here are previous questions:http://www.oapt.ca/grade_11_contest/past_exams.html its pretty interesting
  17. so what pH level would be suitable?
  18. What pH level would be the best to grow yeasts?(if the yeasts are just normal Fleischmann's Yeast) :confused: Oh and btw by pH level, i also want to know if it likes more basic or acidic environment.
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