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  1. I'd go for the sword cane personally. They think your crippled then you whip out the sword and chop everything up. That would be so sweet

  2. "This is life so go and have a ball cause the world don't move to the beat of just one drum, what might be right for you might not be right for some. You take the good you take the bad and there you have my opening statement. Sit Bubu sit, good dog" - Peter Griffin

  3. My friend put 3700 songs on my Ipod and I want to put them on my hard drive as well just in case anything happens. I never tried it yet but I guess I will have to download one of theose programs as well.

    Something I don't like is the new 4G and mini click wheel. I have a 3G and I find them more easier to use.

  4. _=*=--SPOILERS INCLUDED--=*=_

    but answers an important question: what is the purpose of the midichlorians?



    i thought of this a while ago' date=' but recently i read a review somewhere that said "there is [u']no[/u] purpose for midichlorians in this trilogy." (not an exact quote)


    Midichlorians have a HUGE purpose.


    remember when Darth Sidious talkes about his late master?

    yes, the "sith legend" isn't a sith legend, it's his old master.


    he says "he was able to manipulate the midichlorians around him to save lives".

    but it's not just that. Darth Sidious also specifically says "he even found a way to use the midichlorians to create life", putting emphasis on "create life".



    now think... Anikin had no father. he was just born.

    Anakin has a midichlorian count off the charts. it's so large that it's not measurable.

    Anikin is the chosen one

    Anikin is filled with fear, attachment, love; even when outlawed by the jedi council.

    in episode 1, Obi-wan even questions (to Yoda): "is it possible that this boy was created by the midichlorians themselves?" (not an exact quote)


    this is all evidence that Darth Sidious' master (i forgot his name) created Anikin. Anikin was created by the dark side (the emotional side, not the sith's lust for power).

    Midichlorians are the basis of the whole story.


    thats sorta scary. it all makes sense to me though

  5. at the end of episode 6 on vhs there is obi-wan yoda and the older anakin when you see him with his helmet off. i got the original trilogy on dvd and at the end of 6 there is obi-wan yoda and young anakin (hayden christenson)

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