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  1. How about bigfoot?


    Mister Hand from southpark? ( Hey, Mr Garrison talks to him like a person...)



    theres Mr hat and Mr stick. no hand.


    so i guess basically the point is to take any part of a name that comes even close to rhyming with a body part and if snail finds it amusing you get a point?

  2. my mother just spent an hour and half writing up some stuff for her work, and made 10 pages of stuff.


    she saved that, and then deleted 8 of the pages, because she only wanted to send 2 of them to someone. she went to click save as to save the 2 page version as a seperate file, but her finger slipped and she hit save.


    before coming to ask me, she for some reason closed the program so she cant just undo the deletes.


    is there any way to recover her lost information?

  3. I'm certainly not "feminine" by any stretch of the imagination, but ParanoiA, it sounds like you're frustrated because your ideas about social norms are obsolete.


    Too bad for you. Society evolves and you're angry because it's leaving you behind.



    you cant just be the mammoth hunter/impregnator forever.


    men shower, shave, watch their mouths, and even ask permission before insertion now-a-days.

  4. All of the problems here can be traced to immaturity mixed with grown up drugs. We're are simply amazed you don't see that.


    the problem is that you are making irrational associations. youve decided that MY use of alcohol is somehow related to this. MY use of alcohol has never had any negative repurcussions. so saying that IM immature and using adult drugs, and that thats the cause of the problem, is... well.... stupid.


    i totally recognize the fact that my gf is clearly incapable of handling alcohol. how does that come back to you calling me an immature alcohol abuser?


    ready for a slap from the irony stick? shes 21:eek:

  5. Doesn't matter... it would be seen as a form of date rape: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Date_rape


    i know what date rape is. i just have a hard time seeing a jury actually convicting on that. (by which i mean this particular case, not date rape in general)


    That's the catch. It would just be her word against his, which probably wouldn't be good enough. But, at least it would let the scumbag know that she won't stand for it.


    theres also the other female participant.

  6. Id have to agree. A few of you could stand to learn a little about tact.Can't you understand that maybe when someones going through something painful isn't the best time to be critical and insulting about how they live their lives?


    and aside from whether its the best time, maybe its just flat out rude and unnecessary?


    why the burning desire to prove that my girlfriend doesnt actually love me, my relationship is over, and im a fool for considering otherwise? would it help you sleep tonight?

  7. I wouldn't admit that at all. Courts are pretty supportive of females in rape cases, and perhaps there would have been some DNA evidence to back it up?


    ok, i would have to say its a case that wouldnt make it anywhere in court. due to the fact that she didnt kick, scream, punch, or otherwise remove him in anyway more forcible than trying to move away. (and before you bother, my thoughts on this are, yet again, tied to things i dont care to share with you)


    as for DNA, perhaps at the time. it happened in april. im pretty sure its all gone.

  8. Now that was a mature reply, but why does it sound like you're whining to a parent?


    and the tone you choose to attach to my post is relevant to the discussion... how?



    When you say there is no disrepect for the law, and then you say that I'm the only one that cares about it. Guess what? You disrespected the law.


    allow me to rephrase. i showed the law more respect than 90% of my peers.


    The fact that you are going out of your way to brag about how good and safe you are at consuming alcohol like you can do it just as good as mommy and daddy, or any other legal adult says a lot about your lack of maturity.


    he was attacking my use of alcohol. how is it "going out of my way" to counter it with all the things that show i dont drink irresponsibly?



    The second her lips touched someone elses besides your own in a sexual manner the relationship ceased to be exclusive. You liked the idea of her kissing another girl. You permitted this to happen. Then you changed your mind and you set a condition upon her by telling her in the future you were going to see it as kissing another guy. The moment you set a condition on your gf, she will start or has already started to resent you and your relationship is headed toward the toilet. Obviously she liked kissing her because she did it for the picture then and she did it again when you were out of state. Sounds like a repeat offender to me. Even though she did have permission to the first time she clearly didn't the second.


    how is it "setting a condition" on her to tell her how i feel about something? something specifically related to our relationship, for that matter? i guess once she says she isnt down for anal thats the only place youll stick it, huh?




    If she was too drunk to push him off, and she didn't really want it. Why isn't this being treated like she was raped? A supposedly univited guy comes over and has sex with your drunken girlfriend and says she's too drunk to push him off, but other than being apologetic with you she's cool with it. I have to assume that because you haven't stated otherwise. That tells me it's something she enjoyed, or something she wanted to do.


    it isnt being treated as a rape because it wasnt the only part of the encounter. i DO consider his involvement in it rape, as does she. the part with the girl was totally voluntary, thats the part that i would dump her for. not that im not furious with her for not calling the cops on the guy. but you have to admit its not a case that would make it anywhere in court.


    my specific thoughts on that part of it would require going into far more depth than i care to share. especially with a bunch of people who have chosen to be total pricks for absolutely no reason. sharing your thoughts is one thing. youve crossed the line into making offensive assumptions about something about which you dont know the details.

  9. there is no lack of respect for the law... i know a grand total of 3 people who made it through highschool without drinking.


    im one of them, another is diabetic.


    its not my fault you have no concept of reality. (that teenagers drink) i happen to be one of the more responsible ones, as i dont generally get obliterated, im never beligerant, i dont drink regularly, i dont drive, i dont do anything that could endanger anyone but myself. i even waited till i was 18 so my actions cant have any negative effects on my parents. when i started drinking i did it in such a way that it didnt have negative effects on anyone, including myself.


    so aside from the law, which no one but you cares about, is there anything irresponsible about my drinking?


    lack of experience with alcohol.... at what point did i express an lack of experience with alcohol?


    next on the list.... how would my lack of experience with alcohol cause my girlfriends alcohol debacle? how would my ANYTHING with alcohol have any effect on what my gf did when i was on the other side of the country?


    and, as has already been stated, using alcohol to numb such an occasion is not an uncommon response. and i didnt even go to the extent most people would. i didnt pass out, and i havent had a drop since that night.


    the last time i drank before that i had one drink. i dont even remember when the last time was before that.



    now please, continue going on about what an incredibly immature alcoholic malcontent i am.



    PS. ever tried pot?





    "Careful. Yes he can be 19 years old and be mature enough to drink, but if the law says "no" then disregarding that law would be immature."


    "Once again looking to uncle sammy to be the great legitimator. The government is the last place I'm looking for direction on when it's a good time to get married, have children, and die for one's country - or anything for that matter. We live under laws, but that doesn't mean they're moral or just laws - most definitely not sensible laws."


  10. Careful. Yes he can be 19 years old and be mature enough to drink, but if the law says "no" then disregarding that law would be immature.


    i also ride my bike without a helmet sometimes, and jaywalk. :eek:


    ive never driven drunk. ive never cheated on anyone, or really made any other truely bad decision while intoxicated. my mother said "no sex, no drugs, no alcohol. until your 18 and no longer my liability" and i did exactly that, and still havent touched the drugs.


    over all i consider myself a pretty responsible guy, and if enjoying some alcohol while im too young (yet old enough to die for my country, strangely enough) makes me immature in your mind then i dont really care what you think about it or anything else.



    and thanks to aardvark for that last post. i really didnt want to have to go through each one of those.

  11. contradictions? learn to deal with them. if you have a sect of a religion that specifically involves intolerance of such differences, like Islamic (or christian for that matter) Fundamentalists, remove them all from the planet before they ruin it for the rest of us.


    id say debate is generally a good thing. However, there is a certain level of "liveliness" at which it is no longer worth continuing. when people are no longer open to new ideas and are really just yelling at each other.

  12. Callipygous:


    My advice (other than that I`ve already dispensed) is to read all, say little, and then just take out the bits that run congruently with your persona.

    ultimately that`s what you`ll (and most others) do anyway.


    things said in here are just that, you asked, you got.


    the Real problem is with you and her, I wouldn`t pay too much attn or lose sleep over things said in this thread :)


    it kinda cracks me up actually. everyones decided to jump in and tell me what they would do with the relationship (and feel free... its an open forum). but if youve been here you probably realize im not looking for you to tell me what to do. your advice is based on your experiences, my choice is going to be based on mine.


    the only reason this thread is here is because i needed to unload. if theres one thing i know its that bottling stuff up is bad.


    i certainly dont mind the advice, but its not going to be anywhere close to the deciding factor.

  13. sevarian is coming pretty close to my thoughts on it.


    if im gonna break up with the girl its not gonna be because im mad over something she did. she does things that piss me off all the time, as do i. if i break up with her its going to be because i cant trust her or hold up a healthy relationship with her after this.


    anger passes with time. whether or not the trust will come back, i dont know. thats why she hasnt yet been kicked to the curb.

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