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  1. im confused about what exactly your trying to figure out. this in particular has me wondering: "doesa this mean u can only create letters a-f with this code?"


    only 1-9 and a- f are used in the code, but using ascii you can represent any number of things with it.


    in response to some of my fellows who are trying to help, maybe start him out on something smaller than a 4 digit hex number? figuring out 16 cubed, while trying to understand the whole concept, is probably just going to be more confusing. i understand how it works, but looking at the break down of a 4 digit number confuses me too.

    nothing about "5 x 16^0 + 15 x 16^1 + 10 * 16^2 + 1 * 16^3" is easy to read.


    try taking it one digit at a time


    F= 15

    F0= 15x16 + 0

    F00= 15x16^2 + 0 + 0

  2. new issue... everytime i let my computer idle long enough to shut off the monitor my internet connection acts up.


    if i was connected to AIM before it shut off then i will still have my aim connection, i can still send and recieve messages and all that, but i cant make any new connections.


    i cant load a webpage, i cant sign on to any of my online games, nothing like that works.


    the only way i have found to fix it is to restart my computer. stopping and starting my wireless card has no effect.

  3. I have heard this way: Undersized tires goes faster than the accuracy of the speedometer.


    i.e. Speed of the undersized tires: 140 mph.

    Speedometer reading: 100 mph.


    A friend have told me this story as her husband was caught by the police with a speeding ticket. He protested that he was going at 100 mph, while the police's laser gun read 140 mph. He had a friend who is a policeman and they did a private test. The first policeman was right, as the tires were going faster than what is said on the speedometer. The husband didn't want to buy the correct size of tires because bigger tires are more expensive than smaller tires. Who knows it might be more benefict that you buy the correct size tires than being caught with loads of speeding tickets? :)



    like we just discussed, thats backwards. if he bought smaller tires they would cover less distance with each rotation, so the car would think it was going faster than it actually was.

  4. i dont think they are really at 90C. i think my sensor is off.


    i have reason to believe it has been significantly hotter than this fairly regularly in the past, if it were really doing 90c steadily, it would have fried a long time ago. its been the same set up for over 2 years now.


    sorry if it seems like i dont appreciate your input, i was just a little grouchy and a couple things in your post had already been discussed above. all input is appreciated.

  5. its thermometer based speed. the sensor is built into the processor. the thermal paste was replaced about a week ago. the fan is moving fine, no wires or anything, and as i already stated, there is a floor fan placed next to the open case, air flow is not the issue.


    unless i notice any perfomance issues at all im not about to go buy more things to fix the "problem"


    if i hear my fan howling at me again i might consider it.

  6. so the size of your tires really does effect the accuracy of your speedometer?


    i was really hoping that with all our moving pictures and flying machines and whatnot we had come up with something to get around that.

  7. both the inside and outside are coated in a material that looks like rust, except that its too dark. it really doesnt seem like its painted or otherwise intentional.


    on second inspection, i took a closer look at the twist on cap things they use to join wires and one of them looks like it got heated up quite a bit. its out of shape and has what looks like a burn mark on one side. the two wire with exposes spots are set up in a way that they could easily have touched. im thinking sparks were flying, but to make the entire box look charred like that... it really had to be more than a few sparks.


    me and my mother have already decided to call an electrician. i think i would be up for replacing it, but not for deciding what the root of the problem is and preventing future problems.


    if you guys are curious i could take a picture with her digital camera.

  8. Usually, in a modern car, there's some sort of device (a magnet, most of the time) mounted on the axle/driveshaft that goes past a sensor. The sensor detects the magnet passing by so many times a second, and then uses the diameter of the wheels and such to calculate what that rotational speed translates into in mph.


    so what happens when some guy decideds to trick out his car and puts 4 inch bigger tires on it?

  9. dont worry, im not completely new to electrical work. i know to shut off wires before i touch them.


    my experience is enough to tell me something is definately wrong with that junction box, but not enough to tell what the cause of the problem is. : P

  10. some light fixtures in my mothers house have stopped working properly, i took a look at one of them today. the junction box is covered in something black. it almost looks like rust, but its the wrong color. the wires inside look damaged, two of them are exposed at certain points. i cant find information on problems that sound like this on google.


    my first thought was that wires over heated or some other fire/spark related problem. but the wires themselves dont look like theyve been burned.


    im starting to think this might be more of a job for an electrician. any thoughts to help me out here?

  11. its a 2.8ghz pentium 4. i cant seem to find serial or model numbers or anything like that so i dont know how to tell any more specifically than that.


    i have a large heatsink on it, that does get caked with dust, but has been cleaned recently, i just put some thermal paste on it, and didnt go over board. i spread a thin layer across the top part of the processor as instructed on the packaging.


    i have one good fan blowing out the back of the case, i have a variable speed fan on the processor, a fully functioning fan in the power supply, and a completely worthless fan sitting at the front of the case doing nothing because its old and i dont have a way to plug it in. aside from all of that, the most important thing is probably that i have the side of the case off and a 10in fan (like what you would use to circulate air in your bedroom) blowing directly into the case.


    there is plenty of air flow, any overheating issue would have to be directly related to the heatsink and how well its transferring heat from the proc.

  12. for the first time since i got this mobo/proc (2 years ago) ive managed to install its temperature monitoring software. you have to install it before your video drivers because it wants to install directx 9 before it will do what i want.


    it says my processor is never lower than about 65C and gets as high as about 95C which is beyond its range of safe temperatures. from what im reading online it seems like it should be a good 30-50 degrees lower than that.


    the thing is, i know my processor has been a lot hotter than it is right now, because when it really gets hot (before i opened the case and a put a fan next to it) the processor fan starts to go nuts. so nuts that my mom thought someone was using powertools next door when she walked by my room.


    i just replaced the thermal goo on the processor today, and i dont think i screwed it up, but im curious if theres really anything more for me to do or if its a decent assumption that the reading software is inaccurate.


    the ambient temperature in the rest of my computer is well within the safe zone, running at about 35C.


    it seems like the kind of thing i should be concerned about, but its been running with this general configuration and i would guess this temperature for the past 2 years. : P

  13. so im reinstalling windows right now, i just deleted the partition windows was installed on.


    now the installer has 3 things on its list of places i can install, 12g, 7g, and 8m. all labeled as unpartitioned space. if they are all unpartitioned why doesnt it list them as one space, and why cant i make a 19g partition?

  14. my thought was network card or drivers, until i ran a wire through the house to plug it straight into the router. it happens both with my wireless card and with my mobo's built in adapter. they use seperate drivers and i have a hard time believing they both have the same thing wrong with them.


    my best bet at this point is that something is wrong with my windows cd, my friend has another one so im going to try intalling with his CD as soon as i get a chance to borrow it from him.

  15. yes, due to the set up of my computer i had to change hardware.


    last christmas i got a new mother board, processor, and graphics card. the new mother board only had one IDE slot, with the intention that the harddrives would be SATA. i didnt have SATA hds.


    i have a pci adapter that i had my harddrives plugged into and the cd roms plugged in the mobo becuase the ide cables wouldnt reach the cd drives from the adapter.


    windows setup doesnt recognize the adapter so i plugged in my OS hard drive and one cd drive to the mobo leaving the adapter out entirely.


    after i got it booted up i tried to install drivers for the adapter (which is another problem, the instructions for it say that windows xp will find the drivers automatically, but it hasnt


    so yes, when i went to reinstall everything but the graphics card came out of it (soundcard, wireless card, ultra ata adapter) ive checked and rechecked to make sure they are all seated properly.


    i dont think its a heat or power issue because the thing runs fine for hours, i can do all sorts of things on it, as long as it doesnt involve browsing the internet.

  16. manufacturer of the graphics card, he meant.


    you can usually get the latest drivers directly from the manufacturer of the graphics card. If you don't want to wait, use a different computer and download them from the manufacture's website onto a removable disk, and install the software on your computer.



    he said both card manufacturer and computer manufacturer. i was referring to the latter.


    id try the download but the only other computer i have available is my mothers and she is very finicky about downloads. id have to talk to her before i tried anything, and shes out with some friends.



    and i just tried the one i had and it doesnt make a difference.

  17. My computer had recently turned to a slow pile of crap, so i decided to reformat. I have a fresh copy of Windows xp pro installed on a blank harddrive, ive installed video, motherboard, and wireless card drivers. ive installed mozilla fire fox.


    and thats it. there is nothing else installed as far as this os is concerned. it runs perfectly fine until i try to do something online. i can go on the windows update site with no problems, but as soon as i try to browse anything, like SFN or hotmail or google, its a matter of seconds before my computer restarts with no warning or error message.


    it happens with IE and with firefox, it happens with my wireless card and with my motherboards built in network card.

  18. Well, we all can't have girlfriends that get drunk and have threesomes while we're out of town to keep us busy. How did that turn out anyways?


    i have an idea... lets remind me of that as often as possible, its one of my favorite subjects.

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