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  1. Are you serious?


    absolutely. very few commercials make me actually laugh out loud, this one did.



    The issue is nothing to do with chest hair. The issue is that being "manly" and being gay are not mutually exclusive.


    the commercial has nothing to do with them being mutually exclusive. the commercial has to do with two insecure men, who display their insecurity in a thoroughly amusing way.


    You are broken. Report to the tech bay for repairs.


    it was a summary, the repetition was intentional. and yes, when you cut off half of my sentence it makes it look even more like a broken record. thanks for catching that and sharing it with us.


    it was a joke, and as such i dont care how off color it was, or whether someone found it offensive, i only care that it entertained me. if you paid any attention to it at all youd realize that the people who come out looking bad are the two morons ripping out their own chest hair, not gay people. if you cant see the humor in something just becuase you manage to find an unintended insult in it you need to grow up.

  2. That commercial was hilarious.


    mokele, if "manly" means being dumb enough to yank out a clump of your own chesthairs, is that really a trait you wish people would associate with homosexuality?


    aside from all of this discussion, aside from whether it was offensive or completely innocent, aside from who it was offensive to, the commercial was hilarious and Mars needs to take some nuts out of the chocolate and keep enough of them to say so.



    oh, and all the stuff about gay rights... someone needs to start reading more. Just because you and I (and probably a very large percentage of this website, given the type of people it attracts) dont care what people do in their own bedrooms, definately does not mean that most of america doesnt care. every time voting day rolls around they resoundingly declare the fact that they are so stupid and shallow that they get to dictate someone elses private life.

  3. as if all the science against it werent enough, note the long list of comments that were removed by someone other than the poster.


    scratch that... i finally found where it says who made it so:


    note the long list of comments that were removed by the OP.

  4. people can jab at windows all they want. you can tell me its unstable, you can tell me it has horrible security, you can tell me all the usual crap people spout about windows. but the fact remains that there is a reason the vast majority of all computers are running some versions of windows.


    for me personally, it because you cant be a gamer and use a mac. there are other things i dont like about a mac, like how they dont really let me deal with my own computer the way i want to, but the key thing is that there are a very small fraction of games available.


    that being said, yes its an operating system, and im sure it does many things badly, but if you dont like it either supply an alternative and go use that one or deal with windows. either way, we dont need to hear about it.

  5. i think you should build a box that fits the required dimensions and go down to the hardware store and buy a can of "great stuff"


    its a foam that sprays out of an aerosol can. when it sets it expands and then hardens. fill the box most of the way, add the egg, cap off the top and let the foam set for an hour.

  6. the folder in question is in d:\entertainment\music


    so there goes that idea : P


    i have a video folder too, it still has the original sorting options.


    with the folder in question i tried customizing it as a document folder, i tried adding a video file, i tried adding a text file, nothing convinced windows that no, i really didnt want my options changed.

  7. Okay when in details view when it sorts it my "artist, year, album, etc..."


    You rightclick on the tab (where it says artist, year etc...) and a menu will pop up allowing you to select which options to include in sorting. There is quite a large selection of them, with two of them being date modified, and date created.

    It seemed like a pretty obvious way to set it up for me...


    i never knew you could add tabs, thanks : D


    ive always done it by rightclicking in the folder> arrange icons by> and in my music folders it always took away the one i wanted.

  8. when you have a folder full of songs or videos microsoft has taken it upon itself to change your sorting options to those it has deemed relevent to music and videos (year, artist, title, etc.)


    i absolutely hate that because i want my list sorted by when it was modified. i cant for the life of me find a way to get the old sorting options to come back. ive tried changing the customization properties to a document folder.

  9. if you asked me to sing a tune you would end up with something resembeling a parrot squaking into a microphone underwater.


    ask me to tell you what pitch something is and your gonna get eeny meeny miney moe.


    it boils down to each persons particular talents, so yes, perfect pitch is very very hard.


    (lack of any music ability all the way down to basic rythym isnt counted as one of my greater attributes)

  10. Now that I think about it, solid encasing is better, since the egg still has a little air bubble inside it for the infant to breathe before hatching (so I've understood) so the pressure from outside would crack it (this is in theory - doubt it will at 6 m fall).


    the benefit of packing it in water is even distribution of pressure across the whole egg. its virtually impossible to break an egg with even pressure.

  11. if someone has a miracle invention, but has nothing to show you but the theory behind it, no actual pictures, much less video of it performing its miracle function, its a load of crap.


    most free energy devices fit this description. ive yet to see more than a sketch of one, and have never seen one producing its free energy.

  12. Why not both?

    The funny thing about these Bible code folks is that they never suggest why on earth anyone would want to put a code into the Bible. Back in the days when the Torah was being written, the people writting it were almost alone in being able to read and write, so they wouldn't have needed to worry about people stealing thier prophecies even if they stated them explicitly.


    no no... you need your faith checked.


    its not about hiding prophecies, its about gods hidden messages to us. clearly the bible was written by god, who else could have predicted all this?

  13. the difference between a hex number and a decimal number (as far as converting them is concerned) is what the value of each column is.

    in decimal it goes like this:



    each one being a higher power of the base number. 10^3 10^2 10^1 and 10^0


    in hex its:



    each one being a higher power of 16. 16^3 16^2 16^1 and 16^0


    take F3A


    the three columns are not 1s, 10s, and 100s. they are 1s, 16s, 256s.


    so F (which represents 15) in the 3rd column means 15x16^2. which is 15x256, or 3840


    3 in the second column means 3x16^1. which is just 3x16. or 48


    A (10) in the first column is 10x16^0. which is 10x1. or just 10


    to get the number in decimal you add those three together.


    10+48+3840 to get 3898.

  14. at the timer you have a hot wire going out to each valve, which then connects into a common wire.


    all the valves share the same common wire, and im assuming its nothing but a ground to complete the circuit.


    we just put in a second timer and because of how my yard is laid out and what wires i already ran it would be much easier for me if i could put the new valves on the new timer's hot wire, but on the old timer's common wire.


    im curious if there is any problem with connecting a valve to power through one timer, and grounding it through another timer.



    (didnt we used to have an electricity subforum?)

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