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  1. Interesting commonality with extensive travelling and educational/academic self-improvement. That would basically be my plans as well.


    allow me to mix it up a little.


    you know all those incredibly stupid things teenagers do? not just the standard stuff, but the stuff that ends up on youtube, or break.com, or Cops?


    id do that. id build a trebuchet out of two by fours. id learn to weld and make a tank (not panzer sized, more like small minivan sized). i would have every kind of spudgun my heart could desire. my house would be adorned with all sorts of cool yet ultimately useless things, including but not limited to a slide down from the roof into the pool, and a minifridge in every room.


    also, gocarts.


    i know the situation is not that i won the lottery, but fortunately all the stupid things i want to do can be done on my parents salary but not my own.


    im sure id get bored of all that and go and explore the world and do the education thing, or whatever it is you all said, but in the mean time whatever is left over after basic expenses would get blown on worthless short term entertainment.

  2. sarcastic


    You seem to prefer brainy under-stated humor, especially when it has a bite. Do you know some people who need to be cut down to size? If so, you probably like sarcasm--a form of wit in which the object of the joke is a victim of ridicule or criticism. To be sarcastic, you must keep a straight face so you can keep your victim off-guard until you let 'em have it. Comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld, Janeane Garofalo and Dennis Leary are sometimes described as having a "dry wit" because their comic sensibility is considered abrasive and a little mean. Like them, you know how to use humor to wound your victim in a passive aggressive way. So, you might want to keep that in mind next time you're being sarcastic with your friends. Otherwise, the next joke could be on you.



    212 other people got this result!

    This quiz has been taken 1286 times.

    16% of people had this result.



    (although there were a few i couldnt really decide between, and if i go with those i get absurd, im gonna call it a combo)



  3. top ramen.


    7c a meal.



    its easily alterable too. you can just break an egg right into the pot, or you can chop up some veggies and add them in.


    also, i really enjoy adding either hot sauce or soy sauce to mine.

  4. You say "alot" of things have to happen for a buildings structure to completely fail, so I guess you're assuming that 3 buldings met this criteria, all within a nine hour period. That's extremely coincidental at best.



    thats like saying its extremely coincidental that 4 airliners got highjacked in one day. its not at all coincidental, its a direct product of the circumstances.

  5. now the damn thing is just having wierd issues.


    any time i install software that requires a reboot it will struggle starting up. the first time i unplugged the new harddrive, started it with no trouble, plugged it back in and everything started up fine.


    the second time i tried that with no effect, and my original C drive was making this sound like electronics being turned on and back off repeatedly. i unplugged that and it started up fine again : P


    it was hanging at the screen right after it does the memory check.

  6. There are 5 windows xp disks at my house. All exactly the same. I have no idea which cd goes to which key. Any random disk works every time I install. Technically, there's no reason that the cd should matter, you can use any, just make sure you use your cd key. They're trying to screw you, the cd key (technically) is plenty.



    i can actually counter that from personal experience.


    i borrowed my friends CD after i lost mine, figuring i would just install it with my CD key and it didnt work. it said it was invalid.

  7. the change has been made.


    things im noticing though... the utility they gave me doesnt seem to have done all that complete of a job.


    1. all my internet programs are being caught by my firewall. no big deal, just have tell it to accept them again.


    2. my recycle bin appears to still be on the C drive. i went to delete some stuff this morning and it told me c:recycle bin (probably not the exact path, but you get the idea) is corrupt, and would i like to empty it? i said yes, and it deleted the files i told it to.


    3.I copied Fraps over to the H drive, but it still save the videos to the C drive. easily fixed, but it makes me wonder if other programs will do the same thing.

  8. by serial number do you mean the number on the sticker they want on the front of your computer? the cd key?


    because they told me that wasnt good enough.



    i actually already installed the new drive, and it came with a wonderful utility that asked me if wanted to


    a. add it as storage

    b. add it as the new boot disk and keep the old disk

    c. add it as the new boot disk and take out the old disk


    i told it to keep the old disk becuase i wasnt sure exactly what it was planning on doing to my system and i didnt want to mess things up. turns out it partitions the drive however you tell it and then it copies all the files over from your old boot drive and gives you instructions on things like changing the bios and jumper settings.


    i think i might leave the old drives in for now, and if my performance is below my liking ill copy files over and remove them.


    i currently have my programs and my OS running from the new drive with the adapter still in and have already seen dramatic improvement.

  9. if you cut a grape down the middle, but leave it attached by the skin, then put the wet sides down on a plate, and put it in the microwave it makes this bright flame thing. im not sure exactly how to describe it. theres a video of some guy who put a glass cup over the top of it and it made this really cool effect, but they also said dont do it in a microwave you care about so i havent tried it.


    if you put a light bulb in a cup of water, metal end submerged, and turn it on the bulb turns on. well... i guess turns on istn quite right. it makes a rather interesting light. on second thought, im not sure it needs to be submerged. i think the water might just be there for cooling purposes or something. the bulb heats up pretty quick.

  10. as for storing it, i was planning on plugging in the new harddrive (which has a different attachment) and then making an image of the c drive on the D drive and expanding it onto the new one, then making an image of the D drive on the C drive and loading that into the second partition on the new one.


    and then if it works, and will load from the new one, removing both of the other two

  11. im not sure what you meant by "it" in your original reply (it works in linux), so i guess ill elaborate.


    i know that programs that i have on the D drive will no longer run if i reinstall windows on the C drive.


    im curious if having C and D changed to partitions on the same drive, instead of 2 different drives, will cause windows similar issues.


    do you know anything about that?

  12. Well when your post lacks substance, its considered spam. You mocked your opposition and offered nothing to back it up. In any other case I'd approve of its deletion, but to a degree I'm glad you posted it, as it shows the mindset of my opposition.


    my response to your post was logical and on topic. im curious how this post ranks any better.



    And what point do you think you made?...The second part of your post makes no sense to me, please elaborate.


    1. its not a point I made, its a point that bascule made (and if i misinterpereted it, sorry bascule)


    2. i really dont know how to make it any clearer. just because we saw it on tv doesnt mean we do, or should, expect it to happen.

  13. When logic fails, resort to mocking your opponent. Yes, a winning strategy indeed.


    It was Mark Twain who said "In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave and hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."


    Your freedom to express your thoughts so openly is a product of the bravery of those who were once hated and scorned. Yet you use that privilage to mock others, and make statements of no substace. Come back when you have something to offer.


    i already responded to your post, so ill just feel free to come back whenever it pleases me, thanks.


    What relevance does that have here? Again, you'll have to be specific, the argument won't make itself for you.


    for those of us who put a little bit of thought into it did a fine job of making the point. "just because we saw it on tv doesnt mean we do, or should, expect it to happen."

  14. i have a new hard drive, and its sata, which would allow me to remove my adaptec ata expansion card, hopefully improving my systems performance.


    the problem is, i lost my windows xp professional CD and all of the documentation and microsoft will not replace it without a reciept or some similar proof of purchase.


    what im currently thinking about doing is creating an image of my current hard drives, partitioning the new harddrive in to two partitions of similar size to the old ones, and just loading the images into the new partitions.


    im curious if windows will be able to handle that without all sorts of horrible problems. will windows run on a sata harddrive after its been installed on a regular ATA harddrive?


    i have some programs installed on the D drive that would take an aweful long time to reinstall, im curious if they would function in that environment or if i would have to reinstall them to reset the registry keys.


    if i do this is windows going to get confused and lose track of where everything is?

  15. but sisyphus... dont you realize that it was actually a cruise missile filled with the bodies of people the planes? all the people who know anything about it are clearly being paid off by the government to tell everyone it was afghanistan, which then allows us to invade iraq for oil.




    i guess i need to include a disclaimer that the above is a joke, and should be taken lightheartedly.

  16. It would have to burn aided by a flow of oxygen in the correct amount for an hour.


    and are you defining "the correct amount" as a carefully calculated flow of oxygen designed for maximum heat? because i think the standard breeze you can expect at the 90th floor would be enough to fan the flames.


    and how did you decide that it would have to have that?

  17. Yes, "uniform" implies a perfect spread of the jet fuel and heat, "fairly uniform" implies a fairly perfect spread of jet fuel and heat.


    not really. it merely assumes that enough jet fuel was spread to have jet fuel burning over the surface long enough to weaken the supports. there could very well have been enough jet fuel to keep burning much longer in some places, it doesnt have to be equal at all.


    given the nature of an explosion however, i would be surprised if there wasnt a fair amount of jet fuel on just about everything in there.


    you have to forgive our assumption that someone arguing that the official story is a lie would be arguing for the most commonly believed alternative.

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