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  1. i type it in, so it depends if i hit down arrow once or twice. i find that if i go to the front page i have a reasonable chance of actually looking at some science threads, where as if i go to the forum i usually just hit up general chat.


    makes it easier to spot thread that interest me.

  2. when i think memory wire, i think of wire that you put in a shape and heat, and that becomes its new natural shape. no matter how you bend it after that it bends back.


    i think thats what they use for dental bracers, isnt it?


    ive never heard of anything like what your describing.

  3. the entire valley i live in is a big clay bowl. drainage is always an issue.


    the neighbor doesnt have a pond, and everyone here is on sewer. he does have a pool, but i dont think thats the issue. he recently put in a new lawn right around where the problem is. he says hell turn down his sprinklers because were guessing hes just overwatering.


    well see how that turns out.

  4. Theres a hole in my hole.


    the hole is indeed refilling on its own (without rain anyway). theres a hole about half way up the side of the hole that seems to lead off to the neighbors yard. it has a small, constant trickle.

  5. the fact that different countries use different counting systems?




    the fact that in a modern world i can say "one billion" to someone and they could be thinking "1,000,000,000,000" while im thinking "1,000,000,000". i can almost understand having different electrical systems, or currancy, or infrastructure, but all the way down to the most basic math?

  6. im somewhat hesitant to stick my hand in it. it looks watery, i didnt notice any smell.


    it may have gone up a little bit since the last time i looked. it also rained tho : P


    sludge was in reference to the green crap floating on the top.


    watery, definately no smell, not oily, the stuff on top actually has a bit of a grainy texture.

  7. what i dont understand is why that one would do that, but not the two holes a mere 10 feet away. the yard is on a very slight slope, if anything that hole is a bit higher than the other two.

  8. my mother had me build this in her back yard:


    she liked how it turned out, so now shes having me build her another one on the other side of the yard.


    i dug the holes a few weeks ago (the posts were a pain to get)


    this is the first hole:


    to see the second one, picture the exact same thing, but 10 feet to the left.


    this is the third hole:



    i dont know what to do about that, but im pretty sure i cant cement a post in it.

    any ideas on what would cause that, or how to fix it?


    (this is my first time using this image hosting site, let me know if there are problems accessing it.)

  9. why would an outside scientist watch? they, like you, wouldn't give it a second thought.

    no, well documented experiments, video taped and broadcast on youtube, and published on a blog to gain publicity, are the first step. only then will a scientist be willing to stand there and watch.


    given the nature of the videos so far, that is the first step to ridicule. if someone actually puts together something reasonable that might be the first step. nobody seems capable of putting together something reasonable, which is why we recommend having a witness there.


    however, to demonstrate that the result happens the moment the practitioner uses psi, a video is practically necessary.


    a video leaves the posibility that the practitioner edited it to make it seem as though thats when he started using psi.

  10. well I hear a LOT of moaning and complaints here!


    and No action beyond this, EVEN WHEN there`s an Open book (and has been for a few years now) in the General Science thread.

    I`ve posted 3 Great Challenges, across all science areas and yet NO-ONE! other that us Chemists has ever taken part in them???


    Show some Interest first, Take Part! and then you have grounds for dispute, until then....


    stop whining!



    i have an interest, but i dont know how to make batteries or lightbulbs : (

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