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  1. Greetings gents! Long time no see. My friend and I have a project in mind that I'm hoping you guys could offer some insight/advice on. My hope is to build a small transmitter that can be fired either from a spudgun, or in a model rocket, and another device that will ping it, so I can launch it off into some local park, and then triangulate its location and go find it.

    I know how to build a spudgun that will launch a potato core somewhere around the half mile mark. I have some experience with model rockets, but not as much, and I'm not sure what kind of range they could give me. I'm also not sure how difficult it would be to put together the actual electronics, and in such a small size. If anyone knows a good resource for figuring that out I would appreciate it. I'm also looking for ideas on deploying a delayed parachute if I go with the spudgun method.

  2. me and my roommate are trying to play WC3 custom games on battle.net. I can host games, and people can join them. Port forwarding is set up for that. Henri can also host games, and people can join them.


    but sometimes neither of us can join a game that the other is hosting. We have made it work in the past, but cant figure out any pattern as to how. we have played a game, it ended, and then we go to start another game and it wont let one of us join. No changes made to our settings in between.


    I am at a loss, and so I turn to SFN for guidance. I can provide details of the portforwarding i have set up if that would help.

  3. Its been quite a while since ive done any programming, so take this with a grain of salt.


    you say 'the next time they run the program' to me that means closing the application and opening it back up again. as far as i can see, assuming i remember my programming, you dont ever save the data anywhere. it just goes into memory and thus gets deleted whenever you close the program. if thats not what you meant, or if im a tard and dont remember how to program ill take a look at it again and see if i can pull more code out of the dark scary recesses of my mind.

  4. My shift keys periodically decide to not work. Yes, shift keyS as in both of them at the same time. It seems to be completely random. I used to be able to "fix" it by pulling out the usb cord and putting it back in. Occasionally it seems to start working if I pound the key a few times, but not always, and that might just be a coincidence.


    Even though I don't think its a hardware issue, since they both always crap out at the same time, I tried cleaning out everything. I tried replacing batteries, and my main instinct was that there is something wrong with the driver, but I can't seem to find a replacement for that. There are only two things that seem to consistently fix it. Time, if I just go about my business for long enough they eventually start working again for no apparent reason. And restarting, if I do full restart, not just log out and in, the problem goes away.


    Any ideas are welcome.



    (dont be offended if i argue with your idea, its not so much that i dont want to listen to you as just my way of trying to fully understand whats going on. anyone who still remembers me probably knows this :) )

  5. The bios reports all the correct sizes. i should note that all of the accessible drives have information stored on them already, none of them are the 500gb drive. They somehow fit into the two smaller drives, which have been in my computer for some time now. I dont remember exactly how i partitioned them : P



    the thing that really gets me is that the 74 gb drive disappeared for some time. i think the 33 and the 115 are the same drive, partitioned from the 160gb drive and then the 74 is the 80g. I actually think i made a post about this before. i was having an issue where the files on the 80g periodically switched between being accessible and not. It has been inaccessible for several months now, but when i installed the 500 gb drive it showed up again and is working fine. programs run and everything. (and im sure i havent just confused the physical drives. the 80g is ata and the 500 is sata, and fresh out of the box for that matter)

  6. Things that are actually connected to my computer :


    80gb ata

    160gb sata

    500gb sata


    Cdrw drive

    dvd drive



    Things that device manager says are connected to my computer:

    all of the above plus a floppy drive



    Things that show up in "my computer":





    33.4gb hdd

    74.5gb hdd

    115gb hdd



    I'm confused. where is my freshly installed 500gb hard drive?

  7. I moved my computer to southern california like a week ago, so it spend a few hundred miles bouncing around in the trunk of my car. 2 of my 3 hard drives got their power cables disconnected from the trip. after some effort i got everything hooked back up, but couldnt get it to start with hard drive #2 powered on. as soon as i unplugged the power to HD2 it starts fine.


    the first time i started it up, i know for a fact i used firefox. i got directions online, checked email, etc, and i havent used internet explorer in at least 6 months.


    only problem is, firefox was installed on HD2. i thought that was a bit odd... the next time i restarted the computer i went to run firefox and it told me the link was bad because the file wasnt there. that makes sense, i went about my business.


    today i restarted my computer again, and when it came back up winamp, which i have been using for the last week, tells me that the link is bad because the file isnt there. winamp was also installed on HD2.


    i have absolutely no idea whats going on. does windows keep some memory of files that have been used recently? im pretty sure its impossible for it to be reading the drive that doesnt currently have power, but i also thought it was impossible for it to use programs that were on that drive.


    i was using winamp as recently as last night, i know im not mistaken on that one. does anyone know how this happens?

  8. close... but that lead me to the right one, thanks.


    apparently i messed up the one lyric i could provide "baby look at us" not me.

    see? musically retarded.


    Sarina paris- Look at us now baby


    maybe i can get that out of my head now. : )

  9. im sort of retarded when it comes to music. its sung by a female artist, i think it falls into techno or trance or something like that. the only lyric i remember is in the chorus it says "baby look at me"


    i heard it on 94.9 (the bay areas party station!) if that helps at all.

  10. I have been trying to burn off some extra baggage ive accumulated and its got me thinking about how exactly your body burns away fat. Specifically, where the fat comes from first.


    for example, if i were to do a lot of ab exercises i know i would develope stronger, more defined abs, but would the fat in that area be burned away first, or does it follow some other order?


    if im running, will my leg fat be burned before my body moves on to stomache fat, or will it be pretty evenly spread, or something entirely different?

  11. I would disagree with the latter. Withholding judgment, for our purposes, makes you a skeptic, not a believer or denier.



    if someone withholds judgment then they are not following a god. someone who doesnt believe in god is not a theist, in other words, an atheist.


    i halfway see your point, but from the flat definition of the word i dont see much room to call such a person anything but an atheist.

  12. 1. i think your talking about in the top left where it says "view first unread"?

    ive never used it, but i would assume it takes you to the first post on that thread that wasnt there the last time you visited the site.


    2. private messages are used if you want to send a message to one member of the forum, instead of posting a public thread that everyone can see. if you click on someones picture it will take you to their profile where there is a link that says send this user a private message. click that and just fill in whatever message you want to send. alternatively, you can click their name and it will bring up a menu and you can just click the private message option.


    3. no, but you could probably get an administrator to move it for you, and a lot of the time if its in the wrong place they will just go ahead and move it without being asked.

  13. Well millions is probably an exaggeration. But we know they have A LOT.


    That's a little moot though, since any one ship could immediately drop out of a transwarp conduit and blow the frak out of the Death Star's primary weapon before anyone had a chance to press a button.


    whats the "frak"? is that some key component in a death stars primary weapon? :P

  14. The trouble is, there is no topic. The atheists will never concede that their religion is based on faith,


    1. i have no religion.

    2. we've actually already established that its based on faith, seeing as how everything we ever think is based on faith.


    and the theists will never abandon their beliefs, so what is the point of discussion?


    thats true of just about every debate ever. your not going to convince the other side that they are wrong, it just doesnt happen. discussion is for the sake of discussion. you do know what the title of the website is, right?

  15. Sounds like a good idea. Maybe I will do that (expect for the emailing Lucaspa bit). That would give me more time to discuss science, rather than wasting my time with the usual atheist delusions and semantic navel-gazing.


    yes, i can see how this thread is quite a waste of your time.


    sorry to bother you with our delusions.

  16. It's only logical to conclude something cannot be made from nothing, as we understand nature. So, anything that defies that logic would have to be supernatural, by definition. Our universe requires an, as yet, unexplainable phenomena for its existence.


    and the explanation a deity provides is that god has always existed and created the universe. so why cant the universe always have existed in its ever changing form?


    and if "created" isnt really matching your thoughts that can be applied to other theories as well. god never explains the universe, it just takes the question back one more step.

  17. Nor I on the non-existence of god. There doesn't seem to be any rational merit to the idea of the existence of the universe without something creating it. What made quarks? What made the forces? What gave the big bang the inventory to create the universe? God doesn't have to be the old guy up in the sky with a white beard of wisdom - it could be a multi-dimensional being and the universe and life is merely 4 dimensional thoughts.



    well... i disagree. i have heard numerous good arguments against the christian god, and at least one against the existance of a deity in general.


    but aside from that, without any good argument for god or any good argument against god, why would we assume the existance of a supernatural being?

  18. Now you have just made circular reasoning. You have just said that ANY explanation is the simplest no matter how complicated it is. No, in order for you to use it, the simplest explanation must be the correct one BEFORE it is tested.


    well, yes. thats sort of the way it works. the statement doesn't become correct after you test it, it was correct the entire time.


    theres nothing circular about it. i could take a "simple" explanation of something and add on a bunch of stuff that also explains it, but goes 10 extra steps to get to the same conclusion. the original, simpler version is far more likely to be accurate.


    your playing word games. I'm not interested.



    Anything we learn about the universe Christians will add into their world view, and also add God to the explanation for the sake of their comfort. It's unnecessary.


    Lets say we decide the big bang could occur because of quantum fluctuations. We do some testing and find out that quantum fluctuations DO occur, whether they actually caused the big bang or not.


    Christians stating either that god caused the fluctuations that then caused BB, or that god directly caused BB and also created quantum fluctuations are just adding in a deity for no reason. Everything science postulates about the universe religion takes it and tacks "because of god" on the end of it. Theres nothing rational about it.


    How do you know that the association was "irrational"? Remember, at least half of all scientists are/have been theists and many of them report personal experience. Now, these people are not "irrational" in their professional life. After all, they are the ones providing data that counter the Argument from Design. So to say that they are "irrational" here is Special Pleading.


    You have decided it is "irrational" because you have already decided deity does not exist. Dismissing evidence simply because it is evidence is intellectual dishonesty.


    i dismiss it based on the specific anecdotes that i have heard from people.


    i have yet to hear any solid logic argument for the existence of god. When i talk to people with faith and ask them about those moments that made them believe there is never any rational merit to it.


    seeing a waterfall at sunset and being shocked by its beauty and thus deciding there must be a god to create such a thing, as it couldnt have happened by chance, is not a logical process. its an emotional response to the experience. There is no reason to think it couldnt have happened by chance, and the only reason people jump to that conclusion is because of the emotional effect it has on them.

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