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  1. How can i establish what motherboard i have ? It doesnt have any writing on it ! Thnx
  2. I formatted my PC due to a virus problem and re-installed windows. I however only later realised that I don’t have the drivers CD that comes with the PC. I have an AMD CPU and a NVIDIA graphics card. I was able to download (from another PC) the drivers for the Graphics card because I knew the make and model. I went to the AMD website and downloaded several driver packs but none of them worked all giving me the error code “No AMD components Found”. Can anyone please help me? I need the drivers for the motherboard etc. Is there a program that can analyse what drivers I need? Thanx P.s I really don’t know what to do now. At the moment my Ethernet port doesn’t work so no internet at that Pc. However I do (obviously) have access to the net!!
  3. It all makes sence now thanx !!
  4. My guess is that AgCl will presipitate out leaving NaCH3CO2 in the soln .... Why does the Cl ion go to the Ag ??? If Na has a lower electronegativity than the silver?? Thanx ...
  5. Hey, will anyone please explain to me how to do this equation and to determine which products will form? Thanx in advance
  6. Would that reaction work the same with aluminium powder ??
  7. I wonder if magnesium is brittle onough .. Mabe if you cooled it with liquid nitrogen:D
  8. This is quite interesting ! How does O3 to decompose. Does it decompose Spontaneously ? If so what would its half life be ? What catalist would promote decomposition ? And ... When you say it filters UV ... Does 02 not just absorb some of the UV's energy and because of that splits to form two singlet O's that then combine with O2 to form O3 ??? O2 + 2 O2 + UV -> 2 O3 + (no UV )or(a wave of less energy eg light)??? Thanx
  9. You could make (Mn2O7) which when decomposes produces two O3 molecules and Manganese (ii) Oxide. One can make Mn2O7 by reacting a VERY SMALL (50 mg or so) amount of Potassium Permanganate with Sulphuric acid which will produce a green oily substance (Mn2O7). Im not sure how you would get it to decompose without causing an explosion but this is how I would go about producing O3. Before you even consider this there are several safety concerns and technical details that you may want to consider. Just check out the link before you try anything. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manganese(VII)_oxide
  10. Thanx to all but im not gonna go further with this seach. What ever it is it doesnt seem to be very usefull to me and i dont have time to deal with it now, so thanx for all the help.
  11. This thread has been dead for years and now but anyway. When i need Al powder and it isn't critical that it be very fine (or pure for that matter) then i just take Aluminium foil and put it in a blender. If you run the blender long enough it makes it fine enough to make thermite with and you get showers of bright white burning pices of Al what ever you use it in.
  12. I have not tried this myself but i know someone who has made a rocket engine with a mixture of sulphur and Zinc powder . It made a dence white smoke tail and a bright white flame .
  13. CO2 can supply oxygen to elements and compounds that are stronger reducers than it such as magnesium , aluminium , Potassium etc. The element or compound then takes (reduces) the O2 part Of CO2 for oxidation leaving elemental Carbon.
  14. I would strongly sugest that you dont try anything in that book before consulting someone who has had some chemistry expirience or the forum. Wile the book is nice to read through to get ideas or inspiration from not all the articles are safe or acurate . Sory my last post is quite ambiguous i was refering to the "anarchists cook book"
  15. If you had sodium you could react it with Iodine first (less violent than with Br) and then take the sodium iodide that would have formed and in small amounts react it with Br to form NaBr.
  16. No not all the powder disolved (it could just be that the acid lost some acidity though)! I gree that it may be a aloy of copper but i dought it contains any silver (baught it for quite cheep). It was slightly affected by a strong magnet (when i moved the magnet close i saw the particles moving a bit) but not enough for the powder to "slick" to the magnet. What chloride soln should i add to the nitric HNO3 metal mix (chloride that i got from the HCl and metal mix)? Thanx
  17. I did what the flashman said and it turned light green/yellow then upon more heat went brown and then black??
  18. I dont have a microscope lying around and its going to take me a day or so to crystalise the green stuff so il keep you posteed.
  19. I couldnt perform a flame test because i dont have gas for my bunsen burner!!
  20. It is a grey/silver metalic powder. I didnt observe any reaction between it and a strong NaOH soln after 20 min. It has a density of 3.08 g/ml Something to consider, it might be an aloy. P.s my density might be slightly off (i used a scale that only has one decimal). thnx
  21. This sounds very interseting could someone please explain why "excited/singlet oxygen glows ? Does the oxygen get ionized or something? thanx
  22. Mmm good idea ... I could not perform the flame test (out of gas). I did another test with HCl , using less diluted acid (30%). It reacted slowly and the acid/powder mix is now a dark green colour.
  23. I was walking ... ok you dont need to know the details. I have a jar of metalic powder that i found in a garage. It was used to make reflective paint so i asumed Al ... So to test my theory i put a pinch into HCl but nothing happened so now i am lead to believe that it is not Al. I tested it with a magnet. Its not magnetic. It is grey in colour and is quite heavy (i will work out its density and post it later) Any suggestions as to how i can find out what it is ??? Much appreciated
  24. Astatine ; You will never get this !!!
  25. Wil your pump still work wile using acetone that "is like -60 deg"
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