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  1. Thanx all for the great response.


    I defraged with the built in windows app. Still no luck. So I backed up my data, formatted and moved the data back. Works like a charm (or at least as it should work) now.


    Thanx again all


    Vista is terrible :(. I moved back to Xp after one week of Vista. Haha



  2. I feel like I abuse the system, always asking away yet never being able to help others :)


    Ok, my external Hard Drive has the capacity of 640 GB. In explorer and it says that there is 380 GB free space still... However, I am unable to copy anything to it, giving me the error message "Cannot copy. Not enough free Disc space".


    I have copied and moved files with this Hard Drive many times and I have had way more data on it previously... This is the first time I have expirienced anything like this. Please help.


    The Hard drive uses FAT32 file system and my Pc is NTFS I dont know if that could be reason yet its never bothered before.


    Thanx in advance to all you "boffins" :)

  3. I have a bug or virus on my PC that uses my bandwidth. I downloaded a program (Net Limiter 2) that monitors all network activity on my PC. It shows what program accesses the internet and how much data gets transfered.


    This program indicated that in was explorer.exe that was using my broadband so in task manager i just "End Process"ed it and problem solved... Except now i don't have explorer running. So i can't access my programs or files etc. As soon as i "Run" explorer.exe it continues using my broadband.


    My anti virus (Avg free) hasn't given any errors or alerts etc however it hasn't been able to update itself either for no apparent reason (it could be related).


    Thanx For many help or advice.


    P.s Funny thing is that Explorer according to "Net Limiter" is constantly uploading stuff... Could it be a Key logging program or some kind of data "steeling" virus etc ???

  4. How fine is the Al that you are currently using, because if you just increase the surface area (finer powder) of your Al the reaction will be a lot faster !


    If you are using Al shavings then i suggest trying Al foil (yes the normal stuff you bake with). Just put some foil in a blender and you end up with reasonably fine Al.




    Also just on the safety side...


    What do you suppose would happen to your lungs/upper body if somehow the H2/air mix light from something (static in your hair for instance)... I don't know how imaginative you are but i see a person with a nice big tear where his ribcage used to be :)


    Helium definitely better than tear in torso ! ; )

  5. Im sorry if im mising the plot completely here....


    If the universe started at the big bang (or something similar) and then expaned from there, and we know within reasonable doubt how old the universe is then can we not say that the universe is no bigger than light could have traveled during that time (since nothing can move faster than light) ????


    Maby im mising something...



  6. H2O2 has a boiling point of just over 150 deg c. The decomposition occurs more rapidly in alkali, so acid is often added as a stabilizer. Heat does increase decomposition but not as much as you would be evaporating off.


    H2O2 can detonate above 70% so unless you boil off more than half your 30% Soln and asuming no H2O2 decomposed during this process (wich it would have) it should be fine. Also you dont have to heat the soln to boiling point you can just increase the heat (70-80) to evaporate off the water.


    Alternately you can solidify the water out. H202 has a Freezing point of about half a deg less than H2O therefore as soon as you get any ice crystals forming you filter them out. The remianing soln will be more concentrated. (this process can then be repeated a few times)

  7. Sorry to bring this up. I know its old but...


    Why is white P so reactive ? It has a higher electonegativity than H2 and you dont see H2 spontanously combusting in air ? It clearly has something to do with alotropes wich brings me to my next question...


    And also by what mechanism do alatropes affect reactivity ?


    Is there a (relatively) simple way to calculate the reactivity (eg equivilent electronegativity) of a alatrope ?



  8. Yes sorry i shuold have said


    " The manufacturing of nitrocellulose is Illegal in many countries and the process wear by it is made involves the use of more than one highly corrosive acid. The end product is a dangerous explosives(all of wich should be respected and handeled with care) and i would therefore not recommend for any one to atempt to manufacture nitrocellulose for fear of being sued... and besides you might even get hurt "


    Sorry alien : )


    P.s Yes, stored in plastic (non-static) zip bags far from each other.

  9. Hi (again). I set up a home network (wired) a wile back just so that my siblings and i could have access to the internet. Now that component works fine but i also want to be able to share files.


    I made all the 'work groups' on the Pc's the same and that has sort of worked in that the Pc's pick each other up, however when i click on my mothers 'shared folders' file (from my Pc) it gives me the error "Access denied... you might not have permission "etc I have tried turning off the firewall on my mothers Pc but still nothing !!


    Any help appreciated !!


    P.s From my mothers Pc i can access my 'shared folders'.

    P.p.s I have Xp Sp 3 on all Pc.

  10. Hey im having trouble understanding all the mechanisms of the following !!


    " A dry cell is contained in a zinc housing that acts as the anode. the other electrode, the cathode, is a graphite rod in the middle of the cell. a layer of manganese oxide and carbon black surounds the graphite rod, and a thick paste of ammonium chloride and zinc chloride serves as the electrolyte.


    The cell reactions are:


    Zn(s)-> Zn^2+ + 2 e^-


    2MnO2(s) + 2NH4^+ + 2 e^- -> Mn2O3(S) + 2NH3(aq)+ H2O


    Pls explain:

    1. the role of all the chemicals (those directly involved and what the carbon black does).

    2. .... Cant remember :doh:


    Thanx !!!!

  11. Well thanx a lot ... It is at least listed in 'My Computer' now, however when i click on it it gives me the error.


    Z:\ is not accesible

    The parameter is incorect

    Thnx for the help so far.

    Merged post follows:

    Consecutive posts merged

    Haha thanx it works now !!! It was just busy formatting !!!


    Thanx a lot dudde !!

  12. I have a motherboard that doesnt suport SATA so i have a PCI card that alows me to plug a SATA hard drive in it.


    The card seems to be working properly (in the device manager) and the hard drive is picked up in the device manager(under the heading "disk drives") but i dont know how to access it. It isnt listed in my computer.


    I read through the manual and all it explains is how to install the card.

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