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  1. Its called expanded polystyrene foam (eps for short)and you are right a composite would make a nice chassis. A thin layer of pva glue and a wrap in plastic sheet would be nice. Don't use other glues like super glue as they are likely to melt it.
  2. A non innocent person would be, the one who goes out and performs activities that put them at risk without taking precautions. Lies about or hides their activities so that associates don't have the opertunity to protect themselves.
  3. You realy need to post a simple drawing or link to one so we can see how to help. Make sure things like your skirt design and other crtical features are in enough detail. What suface were you running it on.
  4. Yes try it with a bike wheel or similar. Hold just one side of the spindal and spin it by hand. Make sure you have plenty of room though as you will find it begins to try to hold itself level as you turn in a circle one way and pull down the other. If you turn faster it pulls harder
  5. If it mutated in one then it may have done so in others, who knows whats out there now. But was it him that had this strain first?. It may be a strain that lays dormant and spreads a while before becoming realy active. He may have received that strain from someone else thats been spreading it for ages. I agree it may be a good thing though, unless its inocent people that get involved. What of the gay men who fake a normal relationship with a wife and family but have gay partners. Theres a lot of wierdos out there.
  6. Yes but it was a radio controled one. The Bontempi organ just didnt cut it so I borrowed its fan.
  7. Would it be possible to make the pm number change to red when you have unread pms. Or better make the link go red. Its probably just me but I'm sad and don't get many messages, so I don't look at it much and may miss it for a while when I get a message.
  8. Often exhaust restriction in small 2s motors is just something daft like a washer welded in the pipe to reduce its diameter. Have you thought of adding fan blades to the output shaft, to aid cooling in summer. When the person pushing is hot they don't push fast enough for air cooling. Weld a ring on with a few holes for removable blades and you can cultivate a cooler relationship with your machines Lawn mower air flow from the grass box could be partialy diverted to blow past the head. That sort of thing.
  9. I've grown a new shed and cut the grass. Unfortunately some flowers were sacrificed while cutting the grass.
  10. I would say its not worth the rush but worth a watch. Wait till its out to rent.
  11. Well what I failed to get across was you have no valves so no need for lead. You just need a higher octain than 95 ron to be as you were. So if you can get 97 ron unleaded you should be ok. Too hot may just mean too lean. Have you got dirty fuel. Have you got leaks in induction system. Those sticky out carbs on inlet dont help if they get knocked.
  12. I am living proof that tv makes you dummer I watch loadsa tv.
  13. Is pj's and a bath robe with the towel too much. In fact do cinemas have a dress code.
  14. The lead helped valve wear in four strokes. It was part of the process of producing higher octane fuels which was then utilised by the engine as a side benefit. The higher octane helped prevent knock (unstable compounds igniting when it shouldn't). This was not required after advances in fuel production and engine valves and designs. The octane of leaded was 97 ron unleaded is 95 this will cause pinking and can mean a timing adjustment on four strokes. The addative is to help the valves and boost octane so you don't have to make changes. Two strokes have no valves so a higher octane super unleaded should be good. Only guessing but a very slight increase in oil might be good.
  15. Does the lead replacement fuel not work the same in a two stroke? EDIT lead replacement is getting limited.
  16. I only saw a few episodes as a kid but I liked the idea. I have been waiting for years to see an updated version that did the script justice. Basicly YAY. Got baby sitter will travel.
  17. I'd say steer clear. If you must, aim at networking computers and the like. Theres little respect for electro mechanical engineers these days and not much money either. If you were born to do it, you'd be doing it already as best you could. In which case you may find it fulfiling but thats about all and, that is dependant on the employer you get.
  18. eg 1000-236. Take units from ten and the rest each from nine. Remove the one. eg 9 9 10 2 3 6- 7 6 4= If there are too many 0's add a 0 to the smaller number at the front to make it easier. eg 1000-36 becomes 1000-036 eg 9 9 10 0 3 6- 9 6 4= This works on any size number as long as is only 1 with 0's
  19. I know we have already had a thread here on short cuts but, I found them so usefull and interesting I believed we should compile a method only thread. This thread is only to be used as an area to post vedic style short cuts and not for discussion of them. I would like this to be a resource for all to study and benefit from but that won't work if we fill it with chat. I would ask that any none method posts be removed. Please check before posting that the method is not already covered. Thanks for your help peeps.
  20. http://www.vedicmaths.org OMG Even me the perpetual amoeba can do it why is this not compulsory education.
  21. If its x5 do x10 and halve it. ie £1.17 x10 add 0 £11.70 halve it £5.85
  22. If by technology it is meant that it was possible and safe, then I say yes remove disability. If possible enhance health like better resistance to disease, stronger muscles and increased stamina. I would say to leave eye colour etc alone. I think it would help us all in the long run as these improved genes would then be passed on and prevent some suffering. Some times the princess marries the frog and therefore it may not just benefit the wealthy. Well thats the way I see it anyway.
  23. feed back - helps to center these sorts of circuits.
  24. Have you used any feed back?


    Try updating drivers. You may have a clue as to which one is the problem ie you buy a game and when you play it the graphics settings are changed and your current driver takes its bat home, bsod. So that would suggest a graphics driver update might help. I'm not a computer bod and this may not be your problem but I thought I should mention it as it has worked for me in all the circumstances that have given me a bsod.
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