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  1. NASA, Broadly speaking, is an organisation with extreme potential. It has been the flagship of human space endevour and draws its funding from the richest nation in the world. Its waning however is a result of ever increasing bureaucracy, both nation wide and internally. Without trying to sound too star-trek-esk (god forbid) space is the final frontier and we will f*#k this planet up eventually. We need common direction as a species as increasingly making money becomes more important than scientific, cultural and social endevour (generalising to unfathomable degrees overcourse ) Perhaps the ESA or China might get in the game and make things more interesting, we shall see.
  2. If by moving time, you are implying that times actual consantcy changes, slows down or speeds up, I believe it to be entirely possible (obviously on a longer timescale than a conscious being might ever be able to register). It would have intersting impact on end of the universe 'heat death' scenarios.
  3. Fear always has roots in rational thoughts. The trick is convincing yourself that they are irrational and focussing on positive things. Then the fear will melt away because of all the positive things you'll have to look forward to.
  4. Thales

    Suggest a book!

    Cosmos by Carl Sagan is an awesome read if you want a broad yet physics based look at the universe and its history (including many detailed discussions of chemistry and politics.)
  5. We must better understand where we come from to better our understanding of where we are going.
  6. Please don't get the wrong Idea. I am here to educate people. Just because I pointed out some holes in your reasoning doesn't mean you've lost any of my respect. The fact you listened to me as I said earlier, makes you smarter in my eyes. As for Bush. I don't think its really worth debating anymore, seeing as the people who are voting for him are so locked in their views as are the people voting against him. That said I am astounded that he can still convince half the counrty that he is a good leader. I've said it several times before but if he gets re-elected the rest of the world will take it pretty badly. It will be a stark demonstration to the rest of the world about the extent of American naivity. Not to mention making you a prime terror target for the next 4 years. Maybe someone will assasinate him, oh I forgot that only happens to decent presidents.
  7. I've got one; Saddam Hussein represents a real and present threat to the US. Or how about the whole fact they planned to invade the country before 9/11 it was just the perfect catalyst.
  8. Not to mention highlighting the extent of your naivity.
  9. Report writing; Introduction/Background: A paragraph or two outlining the point and prupose of the experiment as well as detailing the underlying theory your testing. Aim: Brief susscint statement about what you aim to achieve by the prac. Method: EVERYTHING you did, step by step and brieflt why you did it. Sub-catogries; -Aparatus(all the stuff used) -Diagrams of setup -Procedure(outline of what you did and in what order) Results: Brief objective statement of results Analysis: Discussion of results and what they mean. Conclusion: Should reflect aim. Brief summation of what was learned, what went wrong and how the experiment could be improved for greater accuracy. Follow those guidelines in all your right ups and you can't go wrong. It will also stand you in good sted for your academic career if you leave high school with a firm understanding of the processes of experimental write ups. Try to remember bad marks aren't there to punish you, they are there to push you to do better and help you learn what you are doing wrong. If you are still having trouble with your english just read more. Reading is the best way to improve your use of language.
  10. Its funny because its true. No it takes half a counrty full of idiots who can't think for themselves.
  11. That daddy pulled some strings to get him out of it.
  12. If you read my original post I point out that light cars could use less powerful engines to produce the exact same acceleration and speed while consuming less resources. They would also be able to stop in much shorter distances.
  13. What about including general board statistics. Showing a graph of total posts over time, having monthly post averages and random quotes. Link of the month, most posts per month, biggest BS artist of the month etc. Just an idea...
  14. I'm not an American. I get my infomation from watching the events of the world and Mr Bush's actions and speeches and from them drawing my own conclusions. I can not see how any objective, intelligent person could come a conclusion other than Bush being a total moron. Your obviously republican, but have you ever considered that voting for who is the lesser of two evils rather than sticking to your political guns for the sake of......well I can't think of any legitimate reason to do so. Bush is a moron and if you plan on voting for him it implies you have little to no respect for the global community.
  15. I'm not talking about an immediate global transition, just trying to change manufacturers minds about the general design of vehicles. These vehicles could carry more than one passenger and the overall appearance needn't be that different from the cars of today. The main premise is about reducing the forces involved. Heavy cars guzzle gas and are a danger to other drivers so why not promote a culture of lighter cars instead, reduce fuel consumption and save lives.
  16. Abstract enough to be far from the realm of physical reality. While I understand your premise I don't think the arbitrary selection of the numbers you've choosen to justify your reasoning are helping convince me of anything other than the universe being really really big. I didn't need any numbers to tell you that.
  17. I don't understand what you mean by testified? Do you mean tested? If its a theory of everything then of course it can be tested. We just don't have one to test as yet.
  18. There is also the point that if we could observe ourselves we could violate causality by contradicting what we see.
  19. Some sort of objective reality underlyes everything in nature and the universe. The laws that govern our world are unchanging and understanding them is what drives people like myself. The search for a theory of everything has been underway in earnest since the dawn of scientific enquiry(by my namesake in Ionia two millenia previously) yet despite our advances we have only scratched the surface of what there is to know. What your talking about in regards to the how/where fundamental particles obtain there mass is a hot topic in particle physics and cosmology as we speak. The leading proponent at the moment is the hypothetical Higgs boson. This particle, which exists only at pre-symmetry breaking energies, if thought to 'assign' all other baryonic matter its mass. There is odds of 6 to 1 we will discover it by 2010, if it infact exists. To find out more I suggest you google for some basic explanations of symmetry breaking(supersymmetry) and Higgs Boson research. We may yet discover a theory of everything but most experts agree it will probably not be for another few generations at least.
  20. We drive around in vehicles in which we are usually the sole occupant. These cars are rediculously heavy when compared with our own weight. The accidents that occur on the road point out the obvious abundance of force involved in even moderate speed collisions. With all the new materials technology coming out doesn't it make sense that someone seriously considers making lighter vehicles. A lighter vehicle would require less force to accelerate and be able to stop in much shorter distance making them safer. Seeing as it requires less force to accelerate the feasablity of an electric engine(which would also be considerably lighter) is increased. Along with severly reducing the total force involved in any accidents that occur. I could even imagine this material being almost rubbery in nature so absorbing the collision force and maybe even recoiling slightly could also reduce the impulse involved by lengthening the transition of momentum. Of course convincing the car manufacturers of the world to support this idea is a huge practical hurdle but even designs that lead in this direction should at least be considered do you not think? Comments/Suggestions/Criticisms welcome, as always.
  21. Recently I have seen several articles popping up about how streamlined shapes may actually be less efficient aero/hydrodynamically than was once thought. The observation of the bumps on the leading edge of humpback whales fins, lead to a detailed analysis of the efficiency of these bumps, hyrodymaically speaking. The study concluded that the eddies produced by the bumps as they glide through the water slightly lowers the pressure of the surrounding water increased the ease with which the whale could manevour. A similar article about using 'wavy' hulls appeared in last week new scientist. It concluded that the wash/wake produced by a ship was severly reduced by modifying the shape of the hull so it too produced miniture vorticies that reduced the 'drag' the ship experienced. Less violent wakes are not only safer and more environmentally responsible but mean there is less energy disipated. That combined with the increased ease of movement adds up to produce what could be deemed a revolution in fliud dynamics. Imagine the implications. Everything from cars to planes may soon have designs which more accurately match natures perfect imperfections, giving us aircraft with much higher stall angles and quite aesthetically unique cars.
  22. If your doing science for the money your going to be very disappointed my friend. Don't do anything just for money, it doesn't make you happy, particularly if your 'locked' into a career that you don't enjoy so you can be rich.
  23. Answer that and you'll be staring down the barrel of more than just the Nobel Prize.
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