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  1. My eyes found that aesthetically pleasing. My ears, on the other hand, do not agree.
  2. I would ask the neighbors if I was acquainted with them. But when I first moved here a year and a half ago, I tried to say hi to them several times and they just ignored me. They seem like the "keep to themselves" type, so I never tried to speak with them afterward and it's been that way ever since.
  3. Anyone know the name of this song? My neighbor's kid keeps playing it on the piano everyday. This is more or less how it sounds, just copy paste this into the bar and hit play. c'8 c'8 c'4. c'8 d'4 e'4 c''8 b'8 a'8 g'4. c'8 g'8 f'8 e'8 d'8 e'8 c'8 e'8 c'8 e'8 c'8 a'8 g'8
  4. I'm pretty sure that under the fifth, you already are under no obligation to talk to the cops at all. The radar data plus the video they have of you speeding will speak on your behalf.
  5. AL

    Speaking of Crap:

    من قصيد غنائيّ إلى العراق يقف كحولي بعد شركة ولن يسقط ، يركض وفي جسمي الدم من العظيمة. [أه] العراق توّجت أنت في القلب وعلى اللسان أنت القصيدة من الشاعرات. [أه] العراق قد هزّ حالة سوء حظّ سيفك ، لذلك حامل قفص طويلة وجمعت قوتك دون يحمل ضغينة. There it is, I ran it through an English to Arabic translator at systranbox.com. I don't know if it sounds eloquent, but it looks uh, elegant. Well, on my browser anyway. Don't know how it will turn out for the rest of you.
  6. AL

    Speaking of Crap:

    Maybe it was more eloquent before it was translated to English?
  7. I guess the idea is that some people can't follow the "prose" of the textbooks the class has assigned to them, so they go out and buy these study guides that market themselves on the claim that they're explaining difficult material in language that's easy to understand.
  8. AL

    Science + Rap?

    The Onion article seems pretty innocuous though. The MC Hawking stuff on the other hand can be really offensive (not to me, but to others), and is highly opinionated, like the song about wishing for Jesse Helms' death. Not that I have a particularly high opinion of Mr. Helms, but I might be a little concerned about a group using my name to joke about Helms dying. But I have to give it up to Stephen Hawking for being cool about it. I know I'd be squeamish.
  9. The Clever Car I've heard of runs on natural gas, so fuel economy isn't really comparable, unless we compare prices. Bear in mind that there aren't too many natural gas service stations either (at least not in the U.S., but maybe in other parts of the world), and you pay a premium in inconvenience to boot.
  10. AL

    Science + Rap?

    One of the earliest posts I made on this forum was about MC Hawking. Only back then, most of his mp3s were freely available on his site. Now you have to buy his CD for most of it. It's hilarious to listen to a few times, but it gets old fast. I always wondered how Stephen Hawking felt about being parodied this way, but apparently, he met the guys behind MC Hawking and was OK with it.
  11. A tautology is a statement that is trivially true because it contains all logical possibilities, like CharonY illustrated: "All swans are white or not white." The reason it isn't helpful to make an argument from it is because it's vacuous. The statement is true, but clearly, it has told us nothing about the color of swans. Some more examples: "You are either a girl or not a girl" is true, but doesn't tell us what your gender is. "You either drive a car, or you do not" is true, but doesn't tell us if you drive a car. And so on. "This statement is either true or false" is true...or is it?
  12. AL

    Colbert Roasts Bush

    Loved the hand gestures to Scalia.
  13. AL

    Rap or Crap?

    Why does rap need a moral message to be enjoyable? I don't get any moral message out of an episode of The Simpsons, or a Quentin Tarantino film, or a game of Warcraft. But I enjoy all these things just like I enjoy (some, not all) hip-hop.
  14. AL

    basic chem- ph

    Did you take into account dilution? If you add an equal volume of HCl, you now have 200.0 mL of solution.
  15. AL

    Rap or Crap?

    I listen to hip-hop when I'm at the gym or doing a bike marathon/race. Not sure any other type of music works for working out, except maybe dance/house music, which I sometimes listen to at the gym.
  16. The monkey analogy isn't quite valid. The monkeys are expected to come up with something very specific: a Shakespearean sonnet. You then apply the argument to evolution to say that evolution is to produce something very specific: a human. Justification? There is no reason to believe that evolution has an "end goal" of producing a human. All that is required for evolution to work is that it produce something which can successfully replicate. It need not be human. A more appropriate monkey analogy would be that the monkeys' writings are selected for anything which is readable, and not necessarily for Shakespeare. Suddenly the odds* are more favorable. *You should also be careful not to read too heavily into using "chance," "odds," or "probability" in modeling something as being indicative of the way it behaves. Geneticists use probability to simplify predictions about how DNA will come together, but that doesn't mean DNA behaves "probabilistically." It's a chemical, and like any other, there are rules it obeys, not the least of which is that thermodynamics determines when and where it reacts.
  17. I think E85 ethanol is the way to go, but I'll wait a few more years to see what other options the automakers give us.
  18. Well aside from the obvious fact that everything wears out in due time, the lifespan of the Nano's memory is still more than you'll ever need. If you listen to the same song 5 times a day every day of the year, your Nano's memory will still last about 55 years (assuming the info you guys provided is true). My current mp3 player is only 4 years old and already I want to get rid of it and buy a new one. Actually, I've wanted to get rid of it for the past 3 years now, so it's taken a good deal of willpower on my part to keep my spoiled consumerism in check.
  19. Funny' date=' half of the course would be "not-sex" education. When I had sex ed, it was like a one day thing. Abstinence: Not doing it. There's not much to it than that. I just don't understand how they could spend a full school quarter on it![/quote'] The way you quoted that passage from the article made it seem like the Kansas school board actually adopted a policy of revoking accreditations unless an abstinence course was taught. The mandatory abstinence course was just the idea of one board member, and it was not voted on or implemented in any way. Further, the article also mentions that a bill was approved by the Kansas state Senate to continue sex ed and to prevent abstinence-only ed. So things aren't as bad as it would seem (at least not yet) from a cursory glance at this thread.
  20. Not sure what you're trying to ask here. You want to know how to place stoichiometric coefficients onto an unbalanced equation? The idea is just to have equal numbers of each element on both sides of the equation (unless you're doing nuclear decay or some such deal, but from the context here, it looks like you're not). The most obvious thing that I see you're doing wrong here is that you're placing coefficients in the middle of a compound, such as for question b), you wrote: [math]Na + Cl_{2} \xrightarrow~Na2Cl[/math] The "2" on the left hand side cannot be in the middle of NaCl like that, so you must write it like this: [math]Na + Cl_{2} \xrightarrow~2NaCl[/math] Then you notice that there are 2 Na on the right, but only one on the left, so you balance the one on the left like so: [math]2Na + Cl_{2} \xrightarrow~2NaCl[/math] And that should be the answer for b). The correct answer for a) should be: [math]N_2 + 2H_2 \xrightarrow~2NH_2[/math] That gives you 4 H on the left and right.
  21. Regarding the equivocation of hatred/bigotry/intolerance with criticism/disagreement, I will say that hate is necessarily critical, but criticism is not necessarily hate. Hopefully, if such a law is passed, it will delineate a clear distinction between the two so people aren't simply punished for being critical. That said, I strongly believe in free speech and there are few lines I would draw to compromise it, but advocating violence would certainly be one of them. If there is already a law on the books against advocating violence in the UK, then this law against religious hatred would be redundant unless it was designed to extend the reach of censorship, which is probably not a good thing, but I admit I am not familiar with what sorts of speech regulations the UK has and the lawmakers intent for this bill, so I'll suspend judgement on this particular bill for now.
  22. Uri Geller didn't plug himself as a mere magician. He claimed to have genuine supernatural powers.
  23. If it's a monoprotic strong acid, pH is just -log(molarity). If it's a weak acid, you'll have to look up its Ka to find [H+] and calculate pH as -log[H+].
  24. Well, apparently it has to pass the state Senate before being signed into law, which it has yet to do. Though I'm hearing about 1/3 of the state senators are sponsors of the bill.
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