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  1. Why atheists see miracles, and don't even take it as evidence.

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    2. dragonstar57


      I put a pizza in a toaster oven.

      it should have taken 15 mis to be done.

      it was done in 5.

      the fsm is real!!!!!!!!!

    3. Weirdmaskman


      Lol.. Thats what science turns the son of Man to.

      Many dont get it that there are some things beyond researches, beyond finding the roots, beyond questioning... Just ultramundane incidences.

    4. dragonstar57


      lulz "beyond questioning"

      nothing is beyond questioning let alone the superstition of bronze age goat herders

  2. Why do atheists believe what they believe?

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    2. njaohnt


      God gave us the privilege to make decisions, let's not abuse that.

    3. Tres Juicy

      Tres Juicy

      How about the decision to use your brain instead of believing whatever you're told?

    4. ydoaPs
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