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  1. ed2k is a good program for downloads , it has a plugin which can also search and download for torrent files , it also has an online database http://www.filedonkey.com/ which you can search for what you want and which then you copy the found file hash key as a pointer for your e2dk program to use for download or you could just use a normal search method through the program itself ..
  2. Coquina ,Vijun I was glad I didn't succeed in killing myself , afterwards I thought how much more stupid I felt having to fail at this ,so I thought next time I should grow a brain before I would try again but then I would come to relize what would the point of killing myself , it would be a waste of a life & time for others who've cared and would be a selfish thing to do to throw it away .
  3. Hi , Guys its getting here being summer and I was thinking if there were any alternatives to building my own little air con system without the cost and bulk of normal systems , does anyone have a clue building cool air conditioning system without the fuss of spending 100's of dollars . The size doesn't matter but in preference a miniture size system would be swell . Thanks .
  4. My unintentional mind just called me a monkey after reading your posts . Am I a schizo ? Or am I really a monkey ?
  5. Good one ,btw does L'Dopa require the patients consent ?
  6. I've relized that alot of my childhood was based upon lego, paper planes, destroying things and digging holes in my grandmas yard(Mini-Golf) , what ideas can you think up for something Cheap , Fun & Educational for the growing child to do .
  7. Can we cut the paper in half ? I remember making paper aeroplanes as a kid , that was probaly the best part being a kid and for the parent , it was and fun , cheap and educational .
  8. but are not responsible for there action to make money if there poor . I think this is capitalist exploitation .
  9. Ok it may not be luck but the same chances as to finding other life in outer space . I made that ground based on ; http://www.historyoftheuniverse.com/earthori.html Anyone know of other possible 'rocky snowballs' ? with my relevance to premise ; If other planets consist of other chemicals / gases that which on Earth do not give equal to our conditions then I say that we out of all were the most likely planet being able to support life than the rest.
  10. What about the size & mass of a central star like our sun ? That would play a supporting factor on whether life exists on those planets wouldn't it ? Do you think if another system of planets existed that it would have also a sun which is able to balance and sustain life ?
  11. agree with MM w/similar idea, 'How to' is a good thread ,it saves from having to sift through other threads . The idea of it being Electronics thread wouldn't be a good idea because that is the last place I look to find something which I maybe able to understand, as the field does sound a little daunting to the general. What about a new section called "The Dummies Guide " or something like that easy to understand where you don't have to filter anything to find something good to build any dummy could understand . We could use the ratings to signify the difficulty level 1 being the easiest 5 being the hardest .
  12. Ok ,sorry if you misunderstood me I didn't bother to check about what I wrote,I feel silly , If there are various objects in space flying around & one being an asteroid,then the chance of that hitting a planet is the same as any other planet . It was just luck that Earth already provided the chemicals to support further potential life to grow when this event unfolded . Life began here some time when major changes were occuring on Earth or and our Solar System . I would agree to the impact theory also or else it may have been some evolution involved as the influence of the Sun and the effects on the Solar System changed ( which I think is possible that life could have arised here )
  13. That black toolbar is not used by any program and uses no extra memory it just replaces the shells resources and uses them to theme everything else , so you will be happy to know that . I got about 10 different themes which you can select from : right click -->properties-->appearance with there own different styles. If you go there you will find nothing atm , but molecular sure , I can give you link I'll pm you wit it .
  14. Hey thanks , I rust relized that ( addins 'extensions ' )
  15. Does anyone have a problem here with Firefox using up alot of resources ? the other day it used 80k paging file memory but the process was not 100% , IE uses less memory but I prefer firefox because it is better looking and it downloads the page before it opens up in the new window.
  16. Consciousness ,although some people refuse that and rather this to be a "gift" of God where he speaks to them rather than just a simple cognitive response & processing function. This is why also some fundementalists believe that the 'soul' is the consciousness .
  17. Other "seed" planets may have been bombarded but would not create the same effects as to the one that Earth gave . Maybe the Sun back then wasn't properly formed so that enough energy & light was given to Earth causing a greater chance of Earths densely hot temperature to cool more rapidly at night but remained dry rather than humid to not form any electrical atmospheric charge .
  18. I think a spark of electricity , just like the way we produce a clone by sending electrical current between the cell & dna fusing them together . The rapid cooling process which an unknown amount of frozen water was in proportion to the grounds surface & air temperature would have caused moisture to build up an atmosphere forming 100% humidity. We know when weather becomes very humid it develops clouds and most possibly storm clouds , so to understand why the humidity which eventually formed storm clouds is understanding the surface temperature of Earths and it's atmosphere at night and at day then looking at the reaction of impact and the causes & effects to how it affected change in all aspects of current formation. The temperature would have to be completely balanced in order for the water quickly evaporate due to dense heat ,so I maybe thinking of a small area on Earth which at night was colder than the rest . If water had melted on Earth then obvious signs of rapid cooling would involve the Earth to form some tectonic phenomona ,like trenchs, shelves etc . If I understood geology,environmental sciences etc then I would have something interesting to say. Now another theory ... Or perhaps water here has always existed and the Earth was already a frozen planet and the meteorite wasn't a frozen chunk of ice but an asteroid. The asteroid developed a very strong resistance to heat which made way through the atmosphere (by then atmosphere would have been very tough) landing and cracking the frozen Earth on impact causing Ice to melt turning into steam which accumulated moisture ,creating humidity and then storm clouds . The storm clouds are my best shot at explaining how life began as it is has been said before that electrical storms can bond and form new varieties of unknown phenomena.
  19. Imaginations required . It is known Jupiter has some essential value to the way meteorites and other falling space objects seem to be attracted to Jupiter. Mars being the next planet to us and before Jupiter , I think the involvement of the meteorite plays part in the trajectory, gravity and mass of meteorite object . If the Meteorite of a certain mass was farthest to the gravity pull of Jupiter then is there a chance the gravity of Jupiter cannot create a strong enough pull to attract the large meteorite and therefore making way to different location ? If so , The meteorite vias off and crashes to Mars creating a great impact to splash pieces of other meteorites which eventually found itself on Earth ,to find this impact zone and understand the relative size of the other meteorites ,we would have to find the impact zone. Beneath the zone at this time before impact, contained a large quanitity of underground frozen water which at the time of impact, would have been fragmented on Mars surface . When this frozen water made its way here from those fragments ,it melted on the violent terrain of Earth ,creating an equilebrium effect somewhere on Earth just so enough that ice melted to cool the heat . To understand how this works , Look at Mt Saint Helens it is proof that glaciers can arise from surfaces which would never thought could be cold . The origin of life is finding where the original source of a fragmented space debree originated from ( the one which took a chunk out of Mars 'martian' surface) . I think if some lucky samples in mars were to be collected , there would be a medium - low chance of finding it as the fragments may have also made its way back into space and may also be one of many smaller pieces of rock which exist in the asteroid belt .
  20. If Earth is said to be 4.5 billion years old and the universe being 13.* then how is earth younger than the total age of the universe when only one known big bang has caused all matter that exists within our universe to age differently . Or unless Or the
  21. Was there 1 BB then a series of other chain reactions of SB ( small-bangs ) ? How do we know that the original BB isn't a small-bang compared to a possibly greater one ?
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