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  1. What if I did something like on Canada's Worst Driver?; Light foam props on the track for the riders to crash through.
  2. Then how else can I make it more exciting if I can't reach speeds of around 500 mph?
  3. It's for maneuvering curves at 500 mph, because it's electromagnetically levitated (Don't ask me to explain, it's really complicated alien technology). All vehicles in the race are like that. The tracks range from metal tracks, to dirt, to grasslands. Behind the windshield, but a little bit above it. I was thinking that the rider was strengthened by a powered exoskeleton (See: Iron Man). Because it would feel exhilarating, like riding a missile. Plus, it would be an amazing test of reflexes.
  4. To make it more exciting and fun to watch, unless you think I should do something else to make it more exciting.
  5. What if something was propelling the rider forward from behind so that they were kept onto the seat?
  6. Well what's something we can do to resist all that air friction?
  7. It would? O_O Why? What could be done to prevent that?
  8. Well what about if you were driving something like this at 500 mph?
  9. Well, what would happen if one was accelerated from 0-300 mph in 3 seconds?
  10. I wanna know what effect certain speeds have on the normal human body. So to start things off, what effects are there on the body when moving at 300 miles per hour?
  11. I'm working on concepts for an animated series about a motorsport in the distant future. One of the main characters, a big competitor in said sport, is from an alien civilization of velociraptor-like people. The problem is their eyes: With their eyes in those natural positions, and the fact that she'd be riding forward on a high-speed vehicle, would her eyes put her at a disadvantage? Or would they give her an advantage?
  12. I've been working on concepts for an animated series about a futuristic motorsport. One of the riders in this sport who will get the most focus is a girl from a race of velociraptor-like people from another planet. The problem is the raptor's eyes. If her eyes are in those locations in her head, and she spends most of her time riding a high speed vehicle forward, would her eyes give her a disadvantage? If not, could they give her an advantage instead?
  13. But could they see forward in any way at all? Or would that be too difficult?
  14. Velociraptors had eyes at the sides of their heads right? If that's the case, and since it had binocular vision, could this dinosaur see better or worse than humans?
  15. What is the strongest fabric available for making the skirt? Could something as powerful as Kevlar be used?
  16. So there's not any major danger with 2 hovercraft colliding provided both pilots are buckled in? What about if they hit trees, rocks or guardrails? And if the craft were racing on paved areas, how much could the skirt take before there would be a tear in it?
  17. Then what can be put on a craft to make the steering easier?
  18. That's what they were doing on those corners? I thought they were doing at least 130 in cornering.
  19. Well, then how can people take hover racing as seriously as they do Formula 1 or Hydroplaning? I thought people were attracted to racing competitions because of the blood-boiling speeds?
  20. I'm just trying to learn how a hovercraft would be made to go faster? The fastest a craft has ever gone is 137.4 km/h. Do you know how boring it must be to hold races with a vehicle that slow?
  21. Okay, how safe would it be if the RPMs were lowered to 7500? Still too much? What if I just added a second fan to the rear end, and a pair of light 12 inch wings at the sides?
  22. Well, since that won't end well, what if the RPM ratio was 25K? Or, if trying to make the fan more powerful, would the craft get faster if a small jet engine was in place of the propulsion fan?
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