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  1. 11. A ghost in the corner

    1. Tres Juicy

      Tres Juicy

      In addition to suffering children

      Scratching the cheap seats

      With small Boobs elegant pump

      She swirls and pickles

      Disco materials

      And other tropical species


  2. 7. Mushrooms and a special night

    1. Tres Juicy

      Tres Juicy

      Grilled mushrooms Mussels or drunk pizza

      The nature of the chip

      I try to eat mussel people

      People have been searching for the child

      Cancer is the meat in the soup

      Get some bang for your buck


      By Jess Bryan


    2. too-open-minded


      sounds like a different kind of mushrooms

  3. 1. Scallops are to die

    1. Tres Juicy

      Tres Juicy

      What a good ninja

      They are preparing to funnel cake

      Two sinks and two small rectangular pieces

      Seemingly folded napkin to his boss

      Memorable and delicious

      He stands with Bush


  4. I am now officially a published author! Can I plug my book here..?

  5. Should not be at work today...

  6. Bannana compensation:

    1. Tres Juicy

      Tres Juicy

      Sprinkle themselves, they roll it up, I have a banana, which is the concept of a chimney mound, because in very nice shape.


      Melt in oven and bake in a cupcake.


      Flavour with a pint of corresponding shape.


      Crush the oven for as a little of symmetrical size.


      Every two hours, cheese and pepper decorated with milk, add peeled, points to a great white pot.

  7. Loving the site layout - well done!

  8. You crack me up!

  9. Sorry Phi, I just neg troops you in a post by accident. Can you use your mod powers to reverse itj

  10. Can science explain why I'm bored?

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    2. Phi for All

      Phi for All

      Everything really funny is either a Pratchett or a Douglas Adams reference. I think it's part of international law.

    3. Tres Juicy

      Tres Juicy

      I think you may be right

    4. mississippichem


      Science can explain it...you're not reading enough about science so you are bored.

  11. A countably infinite number of men went into a pub. The first one ordered a pint. The second ordered a half-pint. The third ordered a quarter of a pint ... The barkeeper, with a face full of disgust, finally poured two pints and put them on the bar and said, "It's good when people know their limit.

  12. Hello Mr Nelson

  13. Whilst in contact with a surface, by rotating about my axis I achieve motion due to the high coefficient of static friction

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    2. Tres Juicy

      Tres Juicy

      Hmmm... If anyone would like to offer a better/more accurate discription of rolling I would appreciate it

    3. Joatmon


      Hmmm. I was thinking of a vertical axis of (attempted) rotation. Sounds a bit like a description of an old dance called "The Twist) - lol.

    4. Tres Juicy

      Tres Juicy

      Oh, I see. I meant led down


  14. A man is the product of his thoughts, what we think, we become

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    2. Appolinaria


      50% action, 50% intention. If all 100% qualifies as "good", then you're going to heaven!



    3. Villain


      If a man was a product of his thoughts, he would be a woman

    4. Appolinaria


      if that were true there would be a lot less of you idiots on this planet

  15. The square root of rope is string

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    2. Tres Juicy
    3. ajb


      Can you include fermionic degrees of freedom? I wonder if it makes sense to take the square root of a superrope. :)

    4. Xittenn


      does the square root of a superrope = branes ??

  16. Happy birthday to me...

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    2. zapatos


      Happy Birthday!! Try not to wake up tomorrow with a hangover!

    3. Tres Juicy

      Tres Juicy

      Way too late Zapatos...


    4. Appolinaria
  17. Your Mama's research methodology is so flawed...

    1. Xittenn


      You're telling me . . . :/

  18. A neutron walks into a bar and says "how much for a drink?" and the bartender says "for you....."

  19. Wish I knew everything....

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    2. Tres Juicy

      Tres Juicy

      I was thnkng of a more conventional deal...

    3. Daedalus


      hmmm... to know everything just by giving Appolinaria my soul to be worn around her belt for all eternity, or risk going to hell for being ignorant...

    4. Tres Juicy

      Tres Juicy

      I would ask for half up front...

  20. Merry Christmas all!

    1. Daedalus


      Merry Christmas Tres Juicy!!!

  21. Mine is the story of a man who started at the bottom and through great effort and hard work, continued along the bottom until finally coming to rest on the bottom...

    1. Xittenn


      The old diamondback sturgeon came swimmin' along

      Minding his business one day

      Rooting and sniffing and urging to spawn

      In the mud flats of San Pablo Bay . . .

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