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  1. Human fallibility is part of life we cannot understand our own incompetence simply because we don’t know why we don’t understand. Knowledge and understanding are entirely different.
  2. As a parent I try to teach my children 2 basic boundaries; 1 How to be safe (i.e. don’t jump of that building or run onto a busy road). 2 How to interact with other humans (i.e. be sociable) This for me will give them the best chance of living a rich and meaningful life. Why do we need to teach a lot of contradictory rules that can only confuse them? You are perfectly entitled to your beliefs but teaching them without understanding, perfectly, what the bible is trying to teach is just blind faith and as such has no value.
  3. IF??? What makes you think you can tell, anybody, what to think? Coerce is perhaps the closest you could get. The arrogance of religions is, amusing at best, and can only lead to rejection. The reaction to this, for you, is to pick up your ball and say I’m not playing. Grow up...
  4. Why does a stable galaxy or planetary body create discs shapes rather than ball shapes? Saturn seems a prime example of this, phenomena, why would gravity seemingly work on only one plain?
  5. What will he help me do? If he's not a human invention then why don't chimps go to church?
  6. Please, no more evasion, this is a very simple question.
  7. Good answer I wonder at what GEV does he show himself?
  8. As you fully understand the bible perhaps you can explain what, exactly, is it trying to teach?
  9. When you take a critical view of this thread, all you can assume is that time seems to be the only variable. The teachings of Christ seems to me, to be a disconnect, between his understanding of what is needed to be happy and the language barrier (that 2000 years present) Dovoda is an example of the difference between knowledge and understanding.
  10. Not an answer, as the scriptures are translated from the origanal and therefore inacurate, unless of course you can understand a language 2,000 or so years old?
  11. What exactly is the devil tempting jesus with? given that a true wilderness presents what temptation exactly? Do you know how to use your brain efficiently? This is nothing but pure speculation based on writings that is a translation from the original teachings and therefore can't be a true or accurate reprisentation.
  12. Add to this GPS, mobil phones, computing, dvds etc... none of which is possible without QM.
  13. It is my belief that jesus went into the wilderness to avoid temptation, not to be tempted. This is an example of the disconect between knowledge and understanding the problem is in the translation.
  14. Wisdom and knowledge are mutually exclusive. Wisdom of the ages, deal with the truths of life where as science deals only with facts.
  15. Given the problems such a large brain presents, why is it that evolution developed such a brain that is only partially used?
  16. This is a direct contradiction to descartes teaching, and to be honest, his argument is better.
  17. Burying your head in the sand doesn’t make the science invalid; it just makes your argument invalid.
  18. And yet it still remains smaller than all the numbers submitted so far in this thread, so WHAT is the question you posed to arrive at your answer?
  19. How then do you hope to gain credability?
  20. Happiness and pleasure are two different states of mind. You can't associate a pleasurable experience to happiness, as happiness is, in effect an absence of pleasure it's the default state of all animals. Pleasure is meant by nature to be a fleeting experience any attempt to associate this to happiness results in addiction.
  21. I have no compulsion to conform in any way to the doctrine of the church, or any religion. My reference to happiness is an observation that if people are happy then religion becomes obsolete.
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