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  1. Chris Froome extends his lead in the tour to over 4 mins, England win the first test by 14 runs, Scott Redding leading the Moto 2 championship by 23 points, Cal Crutchlow 2nd in the Motogp and extends his lead over Rossi, British Lions destroy Australia in the 3rd test etc. etc... Great days :)

    1. imatfaal


      And the weather is great! Presume you are not a tennis fan - cos that was quite a big one too!

    2. dimreepr


      As you know I’m a big bike fan, what you didn’t know is that it’s both powered and unpowered. Rugby is a huge favourite winter sport (having played most of my life) and cricket is the summer equivalent. My apologies for neglecting to mention Andy Murray’s tremendous achievement, and of course those of our Olympians, I had to draw the line somewhere.

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