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  1. Does nature work on the principle of teleportation,with confined quarks acting as anchorage points? Most of the other particles can be converted to energy and recreated somewhere else.
  2. E=mc2 simply says their is a ratio between energy and mass. Photons being the transmitters of energy.
  3. If 3D vacuum is at a point of equilibrium,to go away from that point of equilibrium and become 4D requires energy. Taking what you say that "it's like having an object in a room,and another object in the room above it",if electrons are objects in an atom,they can not exist at the same 4D energy level away from the point of equilibrium 3D. The only difference between a 3D vacuum and an atom,is that energy is put into the vacuum to create a 4D atom.
  4. You can't use the same bit of space to create 2 electrons,each electron must be created out of their own separate bit of space. If an electron moves it would be the same electron but created out of a different bit of space. A bit like creating a knot out of a bit of string,if I move the knot along the string,it's the same knot but created out of different bit of string.
  5. The vacuum would be 3 dimensional,particles would be 4 dimensional ripples.
  6. If the pendulum was swinging and the aircraft changes direction then the aircraft would revolve around the pendulum. The aircraft would have to change direction just to taxi on to the runway.
  7. Hang a pendulum from the ceiling.
  8. Can mass be explained with 3 dimensions?
  9. If 2 like charged particles are heading towards each other,the 2 particles radiate photons towards each other therefore pushing them apart,however if 2 opposite charged particles(electron/positron) are heading towards each other they must radiate photons outward until the electron and positron occupy the same space. Does the pauli exclusion principle apply to electron and positron occupying the same space?
  10. If I have 4 spacial dimensions(w,x,y,z) then an electron and positron can occupy the same position in 3 dimensions but different positions in 4 dimensions, (w-r,0,0,0) and (w+r,0,0,0) thereby have mass but no electric charge(a wimp/dark matter).only if the electron and positron oscillate on the x,y,or z axis,would they have a detectable charge.And only if they have enough kinetic energy would they separate.
  11. Question? does a photon go through a cycle of existence e.g:- from one point existing as an electron through a point of non-existence to a point of existence as a positron and then non-existence and back to electron?
  12. chimpanzees have photographic memories,so it might not be that some people have this talent but that most people have lost it.
  13. As far as I know the answer is that nobody knows.
  14. If you run more oxygen comes in contact with the surface.
  15. Yes,you have hit the nail on the head there. (w,x,y,z) + t r2 = w2 + x2 = wavelength/4 where r = radius and w = 0 is a point of equilibrium
  16. But my original question was do all photons have equal energy in 4 dimensional space-time? It's the 4 dimensional space that changes not the photon?
  17. You can move towards or away from a source of light. And a photons frequency would change if it was headed towards or away from a mass(the greater the mass the greater the change).
  18. A change in conductivity or resistance,changes the output not the input.
  19. But you can change a photons frequency without destroying it.
  20. In which way would a photon change it's momentum,it can't change it's velocity and it can't change it,s mass.
  21. every point on the floor receives different coloured light refracted from different points of the glass,however at the edge of the shadow not all colours can reach those points from any point on the glass.
  22. Electrical synapses are faster and usually associated with fear response,hormone release,reflex actions etc. Chemical synapses are slower but have a gain,in other words the more often they fire the easier they fire. neurotransmitters use calcium ions.
  23. chemical synapses or electrical synapses? I'm not sure it would be that easy to find an expert on neurotransmitters.It's a complicated question. Shining a light in someone's eyes causes neurotransmitters to fire,so there must already be a mechanism? Hammer head sharks can detect movement of an electric field.
  24. A force requires a force carrying particle,which has a field,force increases as the distance decreases?That takes time for a macroscopic effect to be felt?
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