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  1. All particles have a wave function,so does it not stretch the wave function of all particles that travel over vast distances?


    Could it be that the energy is absorbed by space thereby allowing space to expand?


    Thanks for the reply.


    The universe seems to have existed for several billion years without anything being aware of it.


    I assume it is quite happy to exist without external validation.

    I don't know if consciousness is an external phenomenon.

    Should it not be included as part and parcel of the universe and therefore part and parcel of laws of physics?


    sorry think I accidentally pressed the reputation button instead of the quote button.


    Maybe this will help me understand your reasoning. Help me answer this. If our universe exist with a positive amount of matter what balances with it?

    Wave function is balanced,it has peaks and troughs about a point of equilibrium.


    “Or that gravity will affect the path of light?” No, don’t think so, maybe in extreme cases (extreme like black holes)


    light will fall to earth at the same rate as any thing else.(9.81m/s^2)

  5. Are all particles considered to be an excitation on the same field?

    Or is there an electron field for electrons,a positron field for positrons

    a photon field for photons,a gluon field for gluons etc?


    With energy being transferred from one field to another?

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