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  1. Especially for me, I use CRT Monitor, HaRSH. That makes me never go through paper on the screen. I want to buy a LCD mon without myself. What brand and which do you suggest for me ? Not higher than HKD$2500,ok?
  2. What's the state of sulphur trioxide? I guess it's a liquid,BINGO?
  3. Oh sulphuric acid and sulphurous acid would be both formed?
  4. Is calcus very useful? I haven't learn yet. Would someone give me a clear,basic concept?
  5. Do you guys always watch the document in your monitor ? I always print them out and watch when I turn off the computer. Does anyone know that whether printing black words would use coloured ink ?
  6. Don't do that. I always do bad jobs in my quizs but I never give up
  7. But ad, the rate of losing heat for hot water is much faster than cold water. Let's say, 100 deg Cel for hot water and 10 degree CEl for cold water, then you can see that rate. So I think calculation may be needed as the rates are playing "chase and chase"
  8. When we measure specific heat capacity of a substance(liquid), simply we put a heater(made of metal) into the liquid. Then we turn on the power in order to let the electricity passes to the metal. At this moment, the metal heater get heat and conduct the heat by conduction to the liquid. Lastly, energy involved in the process is measured by the joulemeter. Then I think, doesn't the metal take up the energy as some energy would finally (from electric) stay in the metal heater, then why don't we measure it? If the finally T for metal is 150 degree Cel from 50 degree cel and the water first is 50 degree Cel and finally 100 (liquid). Then the energy absorbed by the metal, look it as copper, 210X100J=21000J it is quite a large amount of energy. Is that the scientist that measure the heat capacity assumed this and carried this out? Anyone who is scientist may help me a lot@!
  9. Would you give me some explanation or some calculation?
  10. Hi Hi, this is my first post here. Which of the following freeze into ice first when they are put in refrigerator, a cup of cold water or a cup of hot water?
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