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  1. Did someone mention this method? It suits the name of the book "The Art of the Infinite" let the left-hand side of the equation be y, and since there are infinite x, do the "order" again. so we have the yth power of x = 2. As y is originally equal to 2. We have x being the root of 2
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    If (a,b)=1 , i.e. they are relatively prime to each other, b^d = 1 (mod a) where 1=< d < a-1 , how do you prove it? Also the following is my guess. IF b^h= 1 (mod a^2) Then d l h, does it make sense?
  3. I'll read the question in the book which will be available for me tomorrow in library and tell you where I'd mistaken
  4. 1.Why if f(x) is not divisible by 4, then, it has no integral solutions? 2. If p l ab, then p l a or p l b. Does this mean that p could divide a and b at the same time ?
  5. But, this means that 1 must be in box 1 or box 2.
  6. Yes. You almost digested my exotic tongue. When I click a button ( Press Me ), Then, a corresponding set of labels with different numbers appear. There could be a way of doing this but it is too tedious. Writing commands such as Label1.Text <> Label2.Text If I do it in this way, it is very slow for both the typing process and computing process. So the question is here, do you have any other neater, shorter commands? Thanks
  7. I'm creating a form which will hold nine labels, you can call them boxes. The Arrangement is like those in soduku. Soduku really has 81 small boxes in 9 large boxes. I'm creating one large box but encountered the problem I mentioned. Lol. It is a prerequisite to make a large box before creating nine large boxes, but I still get none!
  8. I'm creating a project with visual basic. There are nine labels on the form. I want to create a system in which the labels hold different integers from 1 to 9. I have a problem in creating the command for not including zero* the labels are of different value or words from each other*
  9. It's a pretty good idea to operate the spyware killer in safe mode, but not for norton ( since some of its functions cannot be fully utilized) I found in safe mode, the spyware can hardly occcupy and share memory, thus it is easier to get rid of them.
  10. Very long ago, I attempted to get rid of all the spywares in the computer. I tried and downloaded several softwares, but most of them offer a complete scan without the eradicating power.
  11. I infer that they may not be parallel. Is it correct?
  12. yes. But update requires a legal license You may try it at http://www.download.com
  13. IF a and b are on different planes A and B, A//B must a//b?
  14. I was using my "infected" computer to start the thread. I pressed F8, and there was a lot of choices for me to select. As usual, I chose the safe mode, but it still ran in the same way. Then, I tried every CD Dell provided to see if it helps. Later, it was still useless and I clicked F8 and selected the OPTION The Same as the last correct operation. And it allows me to enter the window. I am operating a complete full virus scan now.
  15. Is there a software which allows full virus scan and removal before entering the XP? MY computer was attacked by a virus and cannot boot to the Window bar screen.
  16. For question 13, which may be viewed as 3 in the tif, isn't the height giving out the same pressure, so my answer for it is that: iii has the greatest pressure then, ii = i . But the answer is i=ii=iii. Why? For the last question on the right bottom, I could predict the phenomenon but cannot explain it very clearly, May anyone explain it ? http://hk.geocities.com/quarkquarkquark2001/physics.gif I don't know why it can't be showed directly by IE but Firefox, it may be downloaded first. And, this is also my problem, can anyone explain this too?
  17. A restate of the true statement is very important. Thank you very much!
  18. The pressure at the bottom face of a liquid is not affected by the shape of the container. This is a stunning statement, but how do you prove it? I am confused as the weight is not the same as that of a beaker containin water of the same height.
  19. Why? Isn't the resultant velocity is the vector sum of v (the original velocity) and a x t ?
  20. Last time, I stated that I was confused with the acceleration in a regular movement in reply 7. Addition of two vectors in which the cos (theta) is not negative, then the resultant vector has a greater magnitude than each one, right? The radial acceleration does not affect the magnitude of the velocity, why? My suggestion is that it is because the time taken into account is very short, right?
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