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  1. Ok, this is why some of us find this amusng. When I ask for evidence, you say:




    Yet you admonished us to not speak in opposition unless we had evidence:




    Do you get it now?

    Oh, that bit. I understand the mistake. It's just been a misunderstanding. I'll change it now. Thanks. :)

  2. So you've just shown that the only reason you believe these conspiracies is because, in your mind, they don't add up. That's ridiculous, you're letting yourself get carried away.


    I get the impression that the only reason people buy into these things, is because they wish they were true.


    Why not look into real conspiracies (Refrain yourself from abusing this information by adding wild theories to it), for e.g. Operation Northwoods; plans by the CIA to carry out terrorist attacks on American citizens, and pin the blame on Cuba, so they could invade.


    Why not look into the so called 'forgotten holocaust'- that is- Unit 731.


    Reality is much worse and much weirder than fiction. So, stop buying into this bs and learn some real history, if catastrophe really excites you that much.


    As for those pictures of Osama Bin Laden, in your so called "spoiler", it was established that they were produced by randomers. Your government NEVER claimed that to be him.

    This is what my personal opinion is. As far as I know, there hasn't really been any questions raised about the matter.

  3. What is your evidence?

    There is not evidence. There is a set of opinions which some may comprehend as coincidences, and others as reality. Make the decision yourself.





    How much more clear can I be?


    I have no reason to assume massive conspiracy when the truth seems so much more valid and likely. Nothing you have presented gives me any reason whatsoever to doubt this.

    Then get off the topic then.




  4. This is a copy from my topic on a different forum site but I wanted to post it here too. Please go on the link and tell me what you think of some of the replies to it too. :) This is the link to the original: http://www.thetechga.../t=3920116.html

    Hi, you may have seen my previous topic on the conspiracy of 9/11. Here


    Please, don't "flick through" when reading this. It's good to read carefully and take in all the information given. And I would love it if you comment. :) It's great to see everyone's view on the topic.


    Firstly, I do not mean to offend anyone. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine.

    I've been thinking about when the death of Osama Bin Laden was announced. The 9/11 cover up had a lot of holes, big holes, and the US government know this. Could they have planned out a better story for Osama's death? Why was so much hidden and unannounced? Here are the main points that I've come up with:

    • 1. It was said they did a DNA test but where were the results on this?
      2. They buried his body at sea? Oh yeah, like that's going to happen. Think about it. If you had been looking for since 1988, would you just dump the body at sea or hand it over to some real experts?
      3. Was the date a coincidence? His date of death is 2nd May, 2011 but that is because of the time difference. In the US, it was actually the 1st of May. The 1st of May is international workers day. On top of that, it was EXACTLY 8 years since the invasion of Iraq!
    Click here for the dates. Are you starting to think yet? You should be.
    4. Where was he found? No, not a cave but a military compound! Did nobody stop to think, oh, maybe he isn't in a cave but he's protected 24/7 by armed guards!
    Abbottabad is a city with high military establishments.
    5. Why were details not released on his death? It is said that he used his wife as a human shield but is that true? How do we know that he didn't try to surrender? You would have thought that a full on navy seals operation would have recorded the whole thing for reference.
    6. Why is there not any legit pictures of his corpse? Now you may have seen a picture of it but ask yourself, is it real?
    The image below may be disturbing to some people. By clicking "Show Content", you are agreeing to view this image in the knowledge that you may find it disturbing.
    Can you see how that is faked?

    So, where is all the evidence? There is absolutely none except for people's word. If you watched the 9/11 video which I posted, you will know how the US government's word counts for :idea: !!! Please leave any comments you have on here.

    If you have anything to say against it, please give valid opinions.



  5. Eventually, I want to be able to do some computationally-heavy modeling work, which obviously requires programming knowledge.


    Is there a specific language that would be good for this type of interest. Where can a newb start learning about building the tools to develop skills to develop stochastic-type models?




    Batch is a good one to get into it. I started with C++ and it bored the hell out of me! Batch isn't very useful with stuff but it can be quite fun to program. ;)

  6. Not to sound offensive, but why would anyone want to steal a shell based game? when we can develop in open source 3D game engines with community's offering open source code for the games


    why not make a shell game in python? you can then expand into graphics


    I'm going 'classic mode'. :P

  7. Batch is only a scripting language, the source isn't meant to be hidden. While compiled languages such as C++ has a hidden source in a general sense, it can still be reverse engineered and disassembled with a debugger


    Do you mind if I ask why you want to hide your source code?


    I don't want it to be stolen. I'm creating a text based adventure game. :)


    Oh, I got a bit mixed up with the C++ "private".... just to clear things up.

  8. Hi, I've been making this simple text-based game and I was wondering how to make the coding private. I know that if you right click and click 'Edit in notepad' it will bring up all the coding. How can I stop this? I know in C++ you can write 'private:' and the coding won't show up when trying to decompile but how do I do it in a batch file? Thanks.

  9. morgsboi - there are very few systems and models that are not already completely time reversible; the big problem comes when you try and deal with chaos and order. we do not find explicit examples of overall chaos becoming overall order - things tend to lose order; you might want to read up on the second law of thermodynamics.


    So you're saying it's been thought of before but it doesn't work?

  10. Hi, I'm not really sure where to begin with this but here it goes. I would firstly like to say that I'm only writing this for corrections and also just to share. I may argue some corrections, simply because it helps me find out more about what I need to know and it works better in my system of "replacing" knowledge. I'm pretty sure it will all sound ridiculous but there we go. :)


    This crossed my mind a while ago and I've been thinking about it in my spare time since. The equations are extremely simple too! The way I see it, it explains quantum mechanics and general relativity, perhaps along with the Higgs field. It is simple but difficult to understand which is why I love to think about it.

    What I believe (awaiting corrections), is that everything in the universe has an anti. The way I've been thinking about it is: [math]1+-1=0 [/math]. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I think that the universe has it's own "back stage" if you like. Everything in which we cannot explain could be hidden in this "back stage". It's the idea of everything running backward to how we have life today. Some things can be easier to comprehend than others. For example, time would be running backwards relative to us but how would anyone from that "dimension" of the universe know? We could be in it right now for all we know! General relativity is also affected. We see GR as curvature of space-time around mass but the point is, we see it negatively so the space-time dips in allowance for the mass. Now back to this "reversed" universe, how would we see it? If one were travelling along and hit this "dome", one would have changed course and gone on a tangent in the complimentary angle of how one would have changed course in our universe!

    I find that all equations for it can be solved simply by inverting positive into negative and vice versa. I think this works with everything from the standard model to [math]E=mc^2[/math]. I'm not sure how it all fits, exactly, but it seems to work.

    I was also thinking that this could explain why quantum mechanics particles "spontaneously" appear. I see it a bit like quantum tunneling; particles "tunnel" into small worm holes and gaps in space and this is where they end up. And if they can get through, that would mean that antiparticles and negative energy can seep through also! The one thing I cannot explain is light. What happens to light when it is in there? This is what leads me to see a relation between this and the higgs field.


    I really don't know what next as it is very hard to understand and even harder to explain!


  11. I would advise you to open task manager, click processes and end any process in which you don't know about. Be sure to make a note of the process name and description to do an internet search on it. If you don't find it like that, try using any of the other suggestions on here. :D

  12. Hello morgsboi,


    You don't need calculus to understand when you can arrive at a proper value for zero/zero/ or infinity / infinity.


    Take a look at the expressions I showed in your other thread about this.


    Can you see that in the one case the top and bottom of the fraction gets smaller and smaller the more terms you add and in the other (which is called an infinite product) the top and bottom gets larger and larger?


    Yes, thanks you. :)

  13. #7 refers.

    If you calculate (8-x^3)/(2-x) when x=2 you get 0/0.

    However I want to watch a TV prog now so I'll just say I make this example of 0/0 equal to 12.

    If anyone doubts this then I'll come back later.


    Okay, but why does it equal 12?


    [math] (12*x)/x [/math] ?

  14. That's perfectly fine. If you are really interested in mathematics, then I would suggest that you ask your math teachers as many questions as possible. In addition, it wouldn't hurt to try and get into some AP (advanced placement) math classes if your school has them. That way you can earn college credit if you score high on the AP test. As you progress in your studies of mathematics, you will begin to understand the type of math, multivariate calculus, that I used to demonstrate why division by zero is undefined.


    My school isn't the best for people of my ability. I do, however, like to question things.

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