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  1. oops i accidently made a pun, sorry "how can imaginary mass be real" lol
  2. how can imaginary mass be real? it is like negative distance (point A is closer to point B than point B is to itself)
  3. http://www.extrasolar.net catalog of extrasolar planets including minimum mass, distance, and system
  4. IF tachyons existed, they would have imaginary mass. how can something have imaginary mass?
  5. it is math. the eleven dimesnsions cancel out the tachyon frequencies, therefore they do not exist
  6. I am saying that it is right. the cosmological constant/ dark energy doesn't exist
  7. dark energy is the force that makes the universe expand einstien called it the cosmological constant
  8. our eleven dimensions cancel out the tachyon frequencies. tachyons dont exist. nothing can go faster than the speed of light (light in a vacum)
  9. stings and dark matter are connected in that dark matter is composed of strings. Strings are one dimensional loops that compose all matter (ex. quarks, photons, neutrinos, electrons, gravitons)
  10. WARNING: THIS IS NOT FACT. I AM UNABLE TO PHYSICALLY TEST IT. Dark energy doen't exist. It is an illusion caused by relitivity. Objects aren't just moving farther apart, spacetime is expanding. When time expands it runs faster (as observed by an observer in contracted time, say on a planet). The expansion continues so, to us, the time of an observer in space with minimal gravity is always going faster. To the said observer, the expansion of the universe is slowing down due to gravity. To us, it is speeding up because we live in "slower time" and thiers is always speeding up. If you were a few kilometers from a black hole's event horizon, then the expansion would seem infinite.
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