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  1. Reasonable Cheers, Severian Just like a question which has been given the 'official answer',but in fact there's more to think about. There're 2 evidences that Severian is right. 1,The original question is weird.'f(x) = 3x^2 + x^2 - 12X -4'=0 2,The original answer is also a little weird.'(3+/-sqrt13)/2'
  2. use a better/more accurate title next time instead of 'geometry' i've done the picture, i use D,E instead of M,N, just the same
  3. has this been posted before? 0.999...=0.333...+0.666...=1/3+2/3=1
  4. joml88, thankyou for giving us such a good weblink, there i found the best math message board on the internet(what? that's not the best? tell me which is better!)
  5. how can a Rt.Triangle be balanced on a fulcrum on the side?
  6. SFN forum is in blue, is it the appropriate color for science discuss?
  7. then what make you remember something in real life instead of other things? how many cells are used to store this thing maybe
  8. Evolution is the study of.........HOW LIVING THINGS CHANGE/DEVELOPE. Chaos Theory is the study of.........???? Geography is the study of...........ENVIRONMENT/PLACES OF WORLD Physics is the study of ..........PRINCIPLES OF MATTER/ENERGY Bio genetics is the study of.....LIVING THINGS' GENES 4 words for each explanation on average
  9. i suggest this thread: Do photons have mass or not? http://www.mrfixitonline.com/readTopic.asp?PostingId=1634904
  10. I am sure you will get more information if you ask the question here: Hardware Hangout Forum http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?showforum=13
  11. hmm,velocity and speed are often similar-they have the same numbers but AVERAGE velocity and AVERAGE speed ain't-they don't have the same numbers in most cases. i didn't know the true difference between velocity and speed before that.
  12. I often dream of someone shouting, then suddenly wake up, there's really someone shouting under my building, and the words that he/she is shouting is the same as the words he/she shouts in my dream.
  13. SMALLVILLE:HEREAFTER comes to mind the boy in the drama can see the image of how people will die now you can see the image of how dogs will die~~~
  14. sorry i didn't read coquina's explanation of the poll, i thought left eye was my dominant eye just because my left eye has better eyesight
  15. paganinio

    Cell Phones

    I don't use cellphone now:) I think cellphone has potential danger to our health.
  16. paganinio

    Maths teaser

    WEIGHT approximately equals MASS*9.8, a balloon's weight is a VECTOR with positive NUMBER If you don't regard it as a vector, then it's a positive number
  17. hmm you're not right 1, In High School Math, 0^0 and 0/0 are both undefined. 2, But in University, I am not sure. 3, Even if 0^0 is undefined, you cannot say 0^0 'EQUALS' undefined. It's a serious mistake.
  18. Me too, Aliens would find us so we needn't spend any But on the way of Science, there's never 'enough'.
  19. i'm into Diablo II and NOX P.S.NOX isn't a famous game
  20. seen many Half-Life 2 vs Doom 3, never seen Halo 2 vs Doom 3 before~~~
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