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  1. My mouse had the same problem, it's most likely a problem from the mouse hardware.


    In my country (China), this problem is so common that someone actually wrote a software to fix it. But I assume you don't read Chinese, and wouldn't know how to use that software. There's most likely a program in English that does the same thing. Try searching for "double click fix".


    The best recommendation is to have your mouse repaired, or get a new one.

  2. Here I am, the first (and obviously the best) one to help, no edits (which means I won't edit it if there is an error, which gladly there isn't any)


    this guy already did 2a for ya, he's most likely to be correct, but since I'm not the one that solved it I can't make promises. I'll solve the rest. Yeah that's right, all of them. Why? Cos that's what I do, I solve problems (and brag about doing so).


    But don't be so happy just yet, because I'm also a mathematical minimalist (besides being a conversationalist, apparently). My solutions are neat and I won't explain them in words. Try to understand them yourself. The capital letter V denotes disjunction.


    start of solution


    2b) ~(iVs) <=> ~iʌ~s

    2c) ~(p⊙r) <=> ~[(pʌr)V(~pʌ~r)] <=> ~(pʌr) ʌ ~(~pʌ~r)



    p: I am ugly. This is a false statement.

    q: My girlfriend is pretty. This is a true statement.

    [(p→q)ʌq]→p <=> [(0→1)ʌ1]→0 <=> [1ʌ1]→0 <=> 0


    end of solution


    If you respect me, you should only go to Mathworld for more info.


    Hopefully your homework isn't due yet, is it? Feel free to notify me when you have any future discrete problems.


    I'm only being such a nice guy to impress my on-and-off girlfriend. She is always impressed when I solve something that has exclusive disjunction in it (this thread came close). I wonder why. I hope I'm not acting too cheesy, am I? This is actually the only unsolved problem on the Internet that I can solve.

  3. summary Definition of luck from wikipedia:

    "Luck (also called fortunity) is a chance happening, or that which happens beyond a person's control"


    If luck is chance, it negates a persons freewill.....



    Strictly saying, everything is beyond a person's control. Let's say I expect to see the letter "R" on screen when I press the R key on my keyboard, but there is always a very small possibility that it won't show up. (Maybe the keyboard just happens to break at that moment.)


    Therefore, everything is a coincidence.


    But the word "coincidence" usually refers to something that is not likely to happen. Even in this case, coincidences happen about four times everyday in a person's life.


    edit: and in Jack Bauer's life, coincidences happen about 40 times everyday.

  4. I agree that shapes such as squares and circles do not naturally occur. What interests me is why pi is an irrational number. This means that the exact area of a circle can never be known. Why is this? We can know the exact area of a square etc but not a circle. Maybe an irrational number is nature’s way of telling us that we have got something basic wrong - in this case the definition of what a "point" is. I think for a point to occupy a location it must have a dimension.


    Wrong, all the way from the first sentence to the last

    All this signals your lack of understanding basic mathematics concepts


    We can know the exact area of a square etc but not a circle.

    Basic geometry would tell you the area of a square and a circle. Just because a circle involves more calculation doesn't mean it's more complex or mysterious.


    Maybe an irrational number is nature’s way of telling us that we have got something basic wrong - in this case the definition of what a "point" is. I think for a point to occupy a location it must have a dimension.


    I don't know how to explain but your way of thinking is reversed somehow.

    A point in mathematics doesn't occupy anything. A point is 1-dimension, a plane is 2-dimension. A plane doesn't occupy anything either.


    And irrational numbers are not as special as you think at all. They are as plain as rational numbers.


    If I were you I would worry about complex and imaginary numbers instead. Those are really mysterious to me.:rolleyes:

  5. Physics hasn't been a part of my life since I graduated from high school. Now I got this great game "The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions", I'm starting to remember it all. This game doesn't seem to require any calculations, but the player has got to understand how the things work, such as pulley, teeter-totter etc..


    The game interface is a little similar to the Electronic Circuit Design and Simulation Software that I used.


    I'm just hoping someone professional has played this game and tells me what you think. Is it an accurate "simulator" for real life physics?


    P.S. There is a "glittery" ball that bounces forever. I don't think that's possible in real life. But other than that, everything in the game is believeable to me.

    Game is available for Mac too.

  6. What is college math like?


    I have a few questions.

    1, Why is my favorite high school olympiad math contents not here? For example, where's number theory? Where's solid geometry? Where's trigonometry? Where's.....? Do they just disappear in college?


    2, this is a much more important question. I FALL FOR HIGH SCHOOL MATH OLYMPIAD PROBLEMS. I enjoy the beauty of problem solving there. Am I likely to fall for college math too? You might say "Sure!" But I've read some college math books--they really look quite different. I suppose that every problem solving fan has a BRAIN LIMIT, and she will only feel comfortable when she's solving problems within that limit. No matter how bad she likes math in high school, she's not more likely than others to enjoy college math. How do you think? Should my math career end before college?

  7. Hey all' date='


    Im in yr 10 in the uk and i feel that the way our school teaches is flawed. The problem is that the more able students arent challenged enough and dont really make the most of their education and also as most of my friends agree our school spends way too much time teaching us subjects that are not too important we do 2 hours of food technology and only 3 hours of maths ! what i think is that our curriculum needs to change. sorry i thought i would have a rant about my incompetent school :) , anyone else have imilar problems?[/quote']

    it's ridiculous except that's a FOOD SCHOOL

  8. NOt at all. It is not as if there are only two choices -- god or evolution. It could just be that our theory of evolution is not quite right and it will be revised.


    Rememeber' date=' if anything is wrong with the thoery of evolution, then it is false and must be revised. So, just because the theory is not accurate does not mean that we must turn to god for answers.


    Furthermore, evolution does not reject the idea of god at all :/ I don't really understand why people think that the theory of evolution and the concept of a god are at odds. They clearly adress different issues. One attempts to describe how organisms change over time the other offers an explination why there is anything in the first place.


    And even more, why must acceptance of god be antithetical to education. Just wondering why you think the two are in opposition :)[/quote']

    God means different things to you and him.

    He thinks God as people in the ancient times did. That God tells the earth to be the center of the universe. That God created the plants and animals whose DNA never change. That God, basically, rejects all scientific theories.

    And your God, I'll call it "this God", is a 'scientific God'. This God allows species to change. This God allows the earth to move around the sun. This God, in my opinion, is the synonym of 'natural laws'.

  9. 1,I just remembered someone suggested that the only way of time travel be 'watching the past events without changing them'. I had thought what the difference is between 'watching past events and changing past events'. It might make sense to me now 'cause if you just watch it history won't be changed. But when you 'see' something photons already go into your eyes so you actually will have changed them as well.

    2,Should time travel be true in the future(and in my sci-fi book written 2 years ago), some elite 'Time Soldiers' with hard training are required. Such training may include 'Body getting used to Counter-clockwise Effect', for example when you travel through time, the water you have drunk will go all the way up to your mouth and so on.

  10. I think life with found first on a meteor that has fallen to earth. This form of extra-terrestrial life would probably exist in simpler forms (bacteria or Archeo-Bacteria). This form of life would be the easiest to find, beceasue it doesn't involve the use a spacecraft, people can study the life right on earth more easily then if it was found on another celetial body.

    in this way there may have been aliens around us for years

    (Superman fanfiction)

  11. on the homepage of SFN, I clearly see that we have 3121 members, but only 1 member's birthday is today.

    of course there are many users that didn't enter their birthdays to their profiles, but this number is still very impossible.

    could anyone give a mathemetical explanation?

  12. What kind of a retard would want to visit a void.... and PAY for it..... I can't beleive how stupid some people are......


    How about I set up a resort in my toilet...... under the rim' date=' the final frontier.[/quote']


    i think you don't understand how RICH they are

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